MakerKids is heading to California this week for Maker Faire and more!


We’d love to meet you. Here’s where you can catch us:

May 14 – MakerCon

We will be giving a talk at MakerCon tomorrow (May 14th) from 3:30 PM – 3:50 PM in

A Youth Makerspace: Making it Work

“MakerKids has helped thousands of kids become Makers. Learn what has led to this success – the makerspace itself, the equipment, the teachers, the volunteers, the programs and activities, the partnerships and the wider community.”

May 15 – Intel Making Possibilities Day


We will be running a mini robot battle during lunchtime!

Moderating panels:

We’ll be moderating panels in the afternoon.

May 16 – Maker Faire Meetup

We will be eating paella with the other makers at Maker Faire!

May 17-18 – Maker Faire


We will be running a mini robot battle all weekend at our booth!

We are looking for volunteers for this! Email [email protected] if interested.

MakerKids Robot Battle: Until our robot overlords assume their rightful throne, show them who’s boss at the MakerKids robot battle arena! You will be given a basic robot platform, and it’s your job to weaponize it using the provided craft materials! Mount your robot’s target balloons strategically – you get one bonus point for each easy to pop balloon. Once you’re done, get it in the arena, and use the remote control to demolish the target balloons of all comers!



Jenn will be giving a talk on May 17 from 11:30AM-12PM:

Whew! Did we forget anything? Hope not! 🙂

Hope to see you in California! We will be looking for people to help spread MakerKids to new locales. If you’re interested, come say hi!

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