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Unleash your child’s potential with MakerKids award winning virtual programs

Set Your Child Up For Success with MakerKids

STEM jobs are in demand. Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Sergey Brin were all in technology camps or programs as kids. MakerKids is fun, educational and safe.

Experienced & Vetted Instructors

MakerKids has carefully screened and trained each Maker-Mentor to ensure they have proper STEM experience and knowledge to deliver results in a fun and safe environment.

Real-World Skills

MakerKids uses technology as a medium to help kids develop confidence, social skills, change-making abilities and a positive relationship with technology.

Time-Tested Curriculum & Results

MakerKids graduates have started businesses, been featured on TV, been published in magazines, and more. Our curriculum has been refined over 7 years by industry teachers and STEM experts.

Idea Incubator Programs

Coding, Robotics, Minecraft

Idea Incubator

The Idea Incubator program at MakerKids allows kids to learn about and develop projects in Coding, Robotics, and Minecraft! Classes rotate between these three topics, using a multidisciplinary approach to draw connections between topics in class and the world around us.

Grades 3-5 & 6-8

Beginner: No coding, robotics or Minecraft experience required

Experienced: Some coding, robotics, and Minecraft Java Edition experience required.

Mini Makers Programs

Introductory Coding, Robotics

Mini Makers

Welcome mini MakerKids! This program is designed for little ones who like to think big. Kids will learn how to create and make using various platforms and gadgets. Kids will be exposed to both technical and 21st-century skills, like creativity and confidence. Based on STEM education, kids will build a strong foundation for out-of-the-box thinking, coding and how computers work. Using logic and design, kids will make something amazing and out of this world.

Grades 1-2

No experience required

Coding Classes For Kids

Beginner Coding

Kids will learn everything they need to know to code their very own game: character development, storyboarding, animation, environment and level design, beta testing and, of course, coding.

Grades 3-5 & 6-8

No coding experience required

Intermediate Coding

The intermediate level of coding follows a similar system to learning any coding language, but with the benefit of the programs controlling characters on a screen rather than alphanumeric text. Some new capabilities that require a firm grasp of simpler functionality (like lists or clones) also get introduced to unlock even more impressive games.

Grades 3-5 & 6-8

Some prior coding experience required.

Advanced Coding: Website Design

In our Website Design program, makers are led by a MakerKids Mentor through the basics of making websites.

Grades 3-5 & 6-8

Some prior coding experience required

Advanced Coding: Python

Do you use Google, YouTube or Dropbox? Did you know they are programmed using Python? Python can be seen almost everywhere. Kids will be equipped with skills they can take anywhere!

Grades 3-5 & 6-8

Coding Experience Required

Robotics Programs

Beginner Robotics

Kids will learn everything they need to know to code their very own robotics projects using industry-leading microcontrollers: the Arduino and the MicroBit (sponsored by BBC. With the help of easy-to-use block-based online coding interfaces, kids experience a very capable and rewarding introduction to robotics. Basic circuitry and programming concepts are also covered to give students a good foundation for more complex components and coding structures later on.

Grades 3-5 & 6-8

No robotics experience required

Intermediate Robotics

With kids comfortable using robotics interfaces and a number of projects under their belt, more fundamental robotic programming structures are tackled. After covering conditional statements and a few other slightly more abstract coding tools like variables, the intermediate section moves through component after component teaching kids what they do, how they work, and then presenting projects that they can utilize them in.

Grades 3-5 & 6-8

Some prior robotics experience required.

Minecraft Programs

Mini Makers: Minecraft

In our Mini Makers Minecraft program, kids gain invaluable computer experience while also being introduced to more advanced concepts such as remote servers and running commands. Most importantly of course they’ll be communicating and collaborating with a team of other kids equally excited about Minecraft learning how to be a good netizen while making friends and having fun.

Grades 1-2

No Minecraft experience required

Beginner Minecraft

Minecraft Makers will be learning how to build, plan and code not just play in Minecraft! Makers will collaborate with their classmates to plan out large building projects while their instructor helps to guide and teach new skills to them each week. These skills will include circuit logic using Redstone, coding elements using command blocks and 3D design using geometry and mathematics.

Grades 3-5 & 6-8

No Minecraft experience required

Intermediate Minecraft

Minecraft Makers will be learning how to build, plan and code not just play in Minecraft! Makers will collaborate with their classmates to plan out large building projects while their instructor helps to guide and teach new skills to them each week. These skills will include more intermediate circuit logic using Redstone, coding elements using command blocks and 3D design using geometry and mathematics.

Grades 3-5 & 6-8

Some prior Minecraft experience required.

Advanced Minecraft: Resources and Mods

Minecraft is a fun game to play, and this means it is even more fun to hack. Thanks to open source tools that allow us to access the underlying game resources, there is no limit on changes you can make to the appearance, shape, or logic of things in the game. Adding to and editing a game’s files requires an understanding of all the different parts and how they fit together, and this knowledge applies to all types of programs.

Grades 3-5 & 6-8

Prior Minecraft Java edition experience required.

Why choose MakerKids to teach your child

We have an award-winning curriculum that is second to none. Your child will experience a curriculum built by engineers, entrepreneurs, and highly trained educators. We have been named “Best Kids Workshops” and have a curriculum that will redefine your child’s relationship with technology.

You can count on MakerKids to provide the best instructors because we use a 7-step vetting process. This includes background checks, multiple reference checks, and extensive technology training.

21st Century Skills

Kids have gone from having emotional or academic difficulties to leading clubs, improving their marks, and taking on more responsibility and ownership at home.

Technical Skills

Your kids will learn from Highly educated entrepreneurs, instructors and engineers. These professional skills will help them become leaders in their future careers.

Social Skills

Your kids will feel like they fit in with this community of like-minded peers and feel a sense of belonging. Kids make friends, learn conflict resolution skills, and collaborate to build amazing projects.

Why Parents and Children Love MakerKids

Robotics Coding Camp Toronto

Expert Facilitators

With a passion for youth and technology, our Maker Mentors recognize the uniqueness of your child and fosters their creative side and joy for STEM. Maker Mentors are trained to have students focus on the why and discover the logic behind the code instead of following a prescriptive set of instructions.

kids coding camp Toronto

Engaging Curriculum

Weekly programs are built for all interests and experience levels. See the excitement in your child as they watch their work come to life. All classes include mini-lessons on internet safety and computer literacy so your child is better prepared to navigate the digital world.

Social Connections

With a 5 to 1 child to staff ratio and a focus on collaborative problem solving our classes are designed for your child to actively participate. Parents are amazed at how fast their child opens up socially, as they connect and build friendships with like-minded children.

Minecraft Program for Kids FAQ
Some people say kids can learn to code as young as age 5. Others say age 7 is more appropriate. It really depends on the child. If your child has the attention span at a younger age, you can give it a try. If it just doesn’t work out, you can always wait a year or two.
Ages 6-13. Programs are divided into Grades 1-2, 3-5, and 6-8.
As a rule of thumb, our certified MakerKids instructors recommend booking your first free trial class to let your child experience the class and discover some of the basics before enrolling full time. When you request to book a free trial for your child, we set up a quick time at your convenience for our team to chat with you and answer all of your questions and concerns.
Yes! We offer weekly private classes where your child can learn one on one with our qualified instructor.
Minecraft for kids is a hands-on way for kids to not only learn STEM concepts but also make their own robots. Minecraft teaches kids to also program and design robots.
Minecraft for kids is good because it not only teaches them about technology at a young age but also teaches them how to work with others. They learn how to work as a team as well as the self-confidence needed to make their projects come to life.
Our virtual classroom holds a maximum of 5 students.
We offer virtual daily classes as well as weekly classes.

For our coding classes for kids price list see the table Minecraft Classes Pricing.

Yes. To ensure all kids feel confident and learn at a pace based on their experience level, we offer three levels: mini makers, beginner, and experienced.

  • Mini Makers – Designed for grades 1-2, these classes teach the basics of coding, Minecraft, or Minecraft while also promoting technical, creative, and social skills.
  • Beginner– Designed for grades 3 and up, these classes are for kids with low or no previous experience in Minecraft for kids. The activities done in beginner sessions are group-based and will change from class to class.
  • Experienced– Designed for grades 3 and up, these classes are for kids with prior experience in Minecraft. Kids in experienced classes will be working on a mix of group and independent projects that may take multiple classes to complete.
For your child to have everything they need to be successful in our Minecraft classes for kids, we recommend having the following items ready for each class:

    • A laptop or desktop
    • Internet connection
    • Headset with microphone and headphones (or computer with microphone and speakers)
    • Keyboard and a mouse
    • Chrome browser
    • Webcam (optional)
    • Minecraft system requirements (source)
      • Minecraft: PC (Windows 7 or later) or Mac (OSX 10.7 or later) computer (not a Chromebook)
        • CPU: Intel Core i3-3210 3.2 GHz / AMD A8-7600 APU 3.1 GHz or equivalent (older or less powerful CPUs may work but may be unstable in some situations)
        • RAM: 4GB or more (<4GB RAM may work but may be unstable in some situations)
      • Minecraft Java Edition Launcher Installed
        (instructions for this can be found here)
      • A Minecraft Java Edition account purchased.

For more information, visit our FAQ page.