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Mini Makers program for Kids (coding, robotics, Minecraft)

Based on STEM education, kids will build a strong foundation for out-of-the-box thinking, coding and how computers work.

Our Mini Makers classes for kids are best suited for grades 1-2

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About the Mini-Makers for Kids Program

At MakerKids, we believe children can start to learn about STEM topics at a young age. But, we know they have to be age-appropriate so that they don’t get frustrated.

Mini-Makers is specifically designed for kids in grades 1-2, while our other programs are suited for children in grades 3-8. We enjoy providing these classes to children in these grades because it allows them to see what STEM is and how it’s a part of their everyday lives, even at their young age.

Key activities in our Mini Makers program for kids:

Design a video game

Create robotic inventions

Explore the 3D design world of Minecraft

Design and Experiment

Mini Makers

Grades 1-2

Mini Makers introduces kids in grades 1 and 2 to our core technology topics: Coding, Robotics, and Minecraft. They will design their own video game, create robotic inventions, explore the 3D design world of Minecraft, and do design and experimentation.

Skills Learned:

Social Skills
Problem Solving

Why choose MakerKids?

Choosing MakerKids as a way to introduce your children to STEM is the best idea because of the experience we have in the field. For starters, we have an award-winning curriculum that is second to none. Your child will experience a curriculum built by engineers, entrepreneurs, and graduates of the Singularity University program at NASA. We have also been named “Best Kids Workshops”.

Besides our excellent programs, you can also count on MakerKids to have the best instructors in the business. We use a 7-step vetting process. This includes background checks, multiple reference checks, and extensive technology training.

21st Century Skills

Our classes teach kids about teamwork and help to build the confidence they will need to become our future technology leaders.

Technical Skills

Your kids will learn from NASA-educated entrepreneurs, teachers, and engineers. They will teach them valuable skills they will build on their entire lives.

Social Skills

Kids learn to make friends and interact with their peers. They also learn how to give and receive feedback.

MakerKids Success Stories

12 year old Serena joined the MakerKids after-school coding classes for kids and four weeks later, used wearable technology to program a hat that lights up, and published a tutorial about it in OWL Kids magazine!

Serena (12) , Published in a Magazine

After taking a MakerKids Robotics class, 10 year old Alex started his own business repairing neighbours’ audio equipment. He also makes and sells audio speakers to his neighbors. This surely didn’t go unnoticed, and Alex’s success was covered on national television. Imagine what Alex’s career possibilities could be.

Alex (10), Started a Business
<p>12 year old Leif, who says “coming to MakerKids is like Christmas every day!” built an underwater robot and was featured on Breakfast TV and published in OWL Kids magazine</p>
Leif (12) , Built an underwater robot

After taking a MakerKids Robotics program for kids, Artash built an autonomous rover that can transmit data wirelessly to the NASA Space Apps competition – and won the NASA nominations People’s Choice Awards. Imagine the impact Artash can have on the world and his future career prospects.

Artash, Built an autonomous rover and won a NASA prize

After taking the robotics program at MakerKids, Sienna built a “Bob the Blob” robot and presented her project ast the TIFF Digiplayspace exhibition which was featured on national TV. Imagine what she can do when she grows up!

Sienna , Presented at the TIFF Digiplayspace exhibition

After starting classes with MakerKids, Goran started teaching kids at his school about electronics! Goran loves airplanes so he designed an entire airport on Minecraft and is now in the process of building a robotic airplane.

Goran, Taught his classmates electronics

After starting classes with MakerKids, 11 year old Max started teaching kids at his school about coding. Max taught a Scratch coding class to a class of over 60 kids. When he grows up, Max wants to be an engineer, a doctor or an orthodontist. Time will tell what great accomplishments Max will have when he grows up.

Max (11), Taught Coding to a class of 60

Mini Makers Classes Pricing

All classes are VIRTUAL (learn from home) and taught by live instructors.
Select the location nearest to you to ensure you are enrolled with a MakerKids community near you.

Private Classes & Virtual Camps

At MakerKids we offer a variety of coding classes and programs for kids, including:

  • Private one-on-one classes
  • 4 and 5 day virtual camps
  • PA days
  • Virtual Birthday Parties
  • and more

If you’d like to learn more about these additional programs, reach out to our team.

Mini-Makers Program for Kids FAQ

Yes! We offer sibling and multi-class discounts. Simply use codes SIBLING or MULTI at checkout to get 5% off your coding class purchase, or ask our team to add those when they book your free trial.
Our virtual classroom holds a maximum of 5 students.
Mini Makers is a way to introduce kids to STEM topics like robotics and coding at a young age. It’s geared specifically for kids in grades 1-2. This means children are with their peers and can learn from them as well as our excellent instructors.
Absolutely! We pride ourselves on being able to offer top-notch classes to children in grades 1-2. Our staff is patient and knowledgeable and can answer all types of questions. The program is also a good starting point for kids to learn how to work as a team and gain the self-confidence needed to make their projects come to life.
Many people will differ with their answers, but generally, the best age to learn programming is around age 6 or 7. By this time kids can grasp the concepts necessary to get the basics.
For your child to have everything they need to be successful in our Mini-Makers program, we recommend having the following items ready for each class:
  • A laptop or desktop (with 4GB+ RAM)
  • Internet connection
  • Working microphone and speakers
  • Keyboard and a mouse
  • Chrome browser
  • Webcam (optional)
We offer a free trial class to see if your child enjoys the initial experience. This can usually tell you if this is a good fit or not before deciding to enroll on an ongoing basis.

When you request to book a free trial for your child, we set up a quick time at your convenience for our team to chat with you and answer all of your questions and concerns.

We offer virtual daily classes as well as weekly classes.
For our coding classes for kids price list see the table Mini-Makers Classes Pricing