Video Programming with Scratch! Monday 10 Week Spring Program

Know a young boy or girl who would love to learn how to create a video game? At this 10 week program, kids will use Scratch, a free educational programming platform to create their game!

Start date: Monday March 31
End date: Monday June 2 
Length: 10 weeks
Time: 4:30-6:30 each week
Ages: 8-18



Remote Controlled Weirdness! Tuesday 10 Week Spring Program

Build something and make it remote controlled! Use parts such as a – radio, motor, servo, wheels to create something like a remote controlled shoe, a plant, a serving tray, or whatever creation you can imagine!



TV Production! Wednesday 10 Week Spring 2014 Program

Learn how to create, film and edit: Minecraft video podcasts, Video game reviews, Walkthroughs, Interviews and learn different roles and skills such camera operator, sound operator, editor, on camera personality and more!

Kids will also learn WordPress and basic HTML to create web pages to house the channel.


Arduino Wearables Wednesday 10 Week Spring Program

Weareable tech with Arduino! We’ll use electrolminescent wire, sensors and Arduino Gemma to make a wearable creation!

Start date: Wednesday April 2

End date: Wednesday June 4 

Length: 10 weeks
Time: 4:30-6:30 each week
Ages: 8-18

Minecraft Server Admin! Tuesday 10 Week Spring Program

  • Learn about running and securing the Minecraft server
  • Learn about installing server-side mods to help with server management
  • Plan, design & develop brand-new mods using ScriptCraft and other modding tools
  • Collaborate on ideas and rules for the new server!
  • Help other MakerKids learn to use the server, learn the rules, and resolve disputes.



Vehicle Construction! Saturday 10 Week Spring 2014 Program

At our Vehicle Construction class, kids come up with an idea and make it happen! Kids have made a soap box racer, a go kart, a chariot, a skateboard, a giant scooter and more! Learn how to work with wood to create the project you want. Large projects will be gravity powered while smaller ones can be motorized. Your imagination is the limit!



MakerTots Saturday 10 Week Spring 2014 Program

Making for the little ones! Learn how to use new technology like creating aliens on an iPad, making a banana piano with MaKey MaKey, using Little Bits or creating a project of their own!


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