Toronto, ON – Founded in Canada, MakerKids runs award-winning programs, programs and parties on Coding, Robotics and Minecraft that help kids build confidence, social skills, resilience and a positive relationship with technology. Selected amongst winners of NextGen in Franchising Global’s past 5 years of competitions, MakerKids was announced as the co-winner of the grand prize of $10,000 in the pool of NextGen in Franchising Global’s 2020 All Stars. MakerKids is an educational trailblazer providing after-school programs and playful spaces dedicated to giving kids the resources they need to feel empowered by the digital world. Their mission is to empower the makers of tomorrow with the skills and mindsets to change the world.

From February 8th-11th, CEO Jennifer Turliuk was invited to participate and to attend the International Franchise Association’s Annual Convention in Orlando, Florida, to go head-to head with the world’s greatest emerging franchises.

“I am so happy and grateful to have won the NextGen in Franchising All Stars competition at the International Franchise Association conference. It was amazing to learn from the leaders of large franchised companies such as The Joint and Winmark. I am proud to have tied winning the competition with a fellow Canadian. I look forward to using the learnings from this experience to grow our brand and expand the Canadian economy,” – Jennifer Turliuk, CEO of MakerKids

With a focus on effective and positive digital education, MakerKids hopes to cultivate minds that feel empowered by our digital contexts, and seek to design supportive futures for everyone. Carlos Contreras, Director of Education at Intel, says “I think that MakerKids is doing some outstanding things for kids. Let’s get more kids into making.”

MakerKids’ education model develops leaders, designers, engineers, entrepreneurs and citizens that are excited to face a new generation of challenges. “In the many years that we’ve been running our camps and weekly programs, we’ve seen kids presenting their MakerKids projects on national TV, starting their own businesses with the skills they’ve learned (e.g. one 10-year-old makes, sells and fixes audio speakers in his neighbourhood), and most importantly – improving their confidence, social skills, and engagement at school.” – Jennifer Turliu, CEO of MakerKids

Through expanding, MakerKids will bring their innovative curriculum and teaching philosophy across the world, empowering thousands of kids. This is a huge win to further education and innovation.

About MakerKids

Designed and created by industry professionals and makers (Singularity University at NASA graduate, engineers, entrepreneurs, teachers and speakers from Queen’s University), MakerKids has been operating for over seven years.

MakerKids was named “Best Kids’ Workshops” by Toronto Life Magazine. Thousands of kids have taken MakerKids’ STEM programs in Coding, Robotics and Minecraft. The camps, after school and weekend programs and birthday parties empower children to be creators, not just consumers.

Inside MakerKids:


Jennifer Turliuk

CEO of MakerKids


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