When you’re deciding what types of after school programs to enroll your child in, there are many factors to consider. Activity, cost, and location are probably at the top of your list. While all of those are important, another factor that’s right up there is the quality of the staff.

A program is only going to be as good as the people who are teaching it. Many times when you sign on to a program for your kids, you never meet the people who are interacting with your child until the program is underway. Wouldn’t it be nice to know something about the people teaching your child before the program starts?

We thought so! That’s why in honor of World Teachers Day, we’re introducing you to the MakerKids teachers.

Meet the MakerKids teachers


Thomas InstructorThomas has 8 years of camp counselor experience as well as a lifetime of theater experience. He loves Minecraft and is all about game design. He’s a great resource when kids need help balancing their video game or concepts for a project. Thomas can be frequently found on the MakerKids Minecraft server keeping kids safe!


Andrew has 6+ years of teaching experience working with kids of all age groups both in the classroom and in afterschool programs. He is an Ontario College of Teachers certified teacher with a passion for video games.



Ariel has worked for the YMCA, volunteered for day camps and has had many placements in other learning spaces such as the Boys and Girls Club. She has spent a lot of time learning and teaching in a variety of different learning environments.



Sarah describes herself as a creative person who loves kids. She also loves video games (especially the LEGO ones) and geocaching. Sarah won a scholarship for public speaking and is an adult member of Girl Guides of Canada. Here’s a fun fact about Sarah: When she was the same age as the MakerKids students, she won an Oreo stacking contest, created a newspaper with her brother and had a painting displayed in a local gallery.

Schedule a Class!

If you want to meet any of our teachers in person, you can schedule a trial class. You can call us at 1-844-MAKERKIDS or email us at [email protected]. If you’re ready to grab a spot for your child in one of our fall programs, we still have some spots available! Check out our programs online and contact us for more information.

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