MakerKids Mission:

Empowering the makers of tomorrow

Childhood is the most formative stage of life. If a person realizes that they are a leader when they are a child, they’ll carry that with them for the rest of their life.


Studies show that kids decide between ages 7-12 whether or not they’ll consider STEM as a future career option. A positive exposure to STEM experiences is the key. Make anything possible for your child.

My Story:

Toronto Kids Programs

From bullied and disengaged at school to thriving entrepreneur

Have you ever felt excluded? When I was 12 years old, I was being bullied and was disengaged at school. Then my teacher said that for my book report project, I should make a website. So I taught myself how to code, and and made a website about Harry Potter. A few months later I found out my website had hundreds of thousands of views and was featured in a magazine. This was a very empowering moment for me – suddenly the bullying didn’t impact me as much, and I became more engaged at school. Later on, I was selected for a program based at NASA called Singularity University, where I learned how to apply technology to education. It was afterwards that I got started with MakerKids, with the goal of helping more kids have transformative experiences like I had as a kid. We’re excited that thousands of kids have gone through the programs and some have started businesses, been featured on TV, and had positive mental health outcomes. We hope to meet your family soon.

-Jennifer Turliuk – CEO, MakerKids

Toronto Kids Programs
Toronto Kids Programs
Toronto Kids Programs

We use technology as a medium to help kids build:


Interpersonal Skills

Change-Making Abilities

Positive Relationship with Technology

In our kids programs, we help kids realize their potential, and realize that they can do anything. Check out our Success Stories for proof.

Statistics we are working on changing:


of people are dissatisfied with their career
(Deloitte Shift Index Survey)


of executive positions in tech companies are held by women


Shortage of tech workers in Canada
(Globe & Mail)


of Grade 6 students failed to meet provincial mathematics standards
(Globe & Mail)

MakerKids By the Numbers:


years of experience






media mentions


Thought Leadership:

MakerKids is the original makerspace for kids.

MakerKids CEO Jennifer Turliuk has been invited to give talks about our work at key industry conferences such as:

MakerCon: Norway, New York, California

“The Business of Making With Kids”

Keynote Speaker, MakerCon Nordic: Called the ‘epicenter of the maker movement’, MakerCon is a professional conference by and for makers. MakerKids CEO was invited to speak about MakerKids.

Maker Faire: Rome, New York, California

“Re-Making the World through Making with Kids”

Maker Faire Rome: Jennifer was invited to give a talk to 1500 people at the opening conference of Maker Faire Rome. Other speakers included Brian Krzanich (CEO of Intel), Massimo Banzi (CEO of Arduino), Dale Dougherty (CEO of Maker Media), Leah Buechley (professor at MIT Media Lab), Mark Frauenfelder (founder of Boing Boing), and more. Her speech was covered by Wired.

Humber College Convocation

Honorary Degree & Graduation Speech

MakerKids CEO was awarded an honorary degree for her contributions to society via MakerKids, and invited to speak in front of 3000 graduates. Past honorary degree recipients include the Chief of Toronto Police Services, Mike Myers, and more.

MakerKids’ work has been featured in major media including Wired, CTV, CBC, Breakfast TV, Forbes, Globe and Mail, and many more. MakerKids has written curriculum for Intel and 3D Systems, provided educator training for school boards (e.g. the Toronto Catholic District School Board, private schools, and more), helped with the creation and implementation of makerspace strategies for companies and organizations (e.g. the Toronto Public Library, schools, etc), and authored articles on its work for MAKE Magazine and more. MakerKids has created a category – kids  don’t just go to music, art, dance and sport activities after school or during the summers anymore – they also go to programs on coding, robotics, and Minecraft and learn emotional and interpersonal skills that help vastly improve their lives.

Goal: Empower at least 1 million kids to be the makers of tomorrow


MakerKids has run free or reduced-fee programs for the following organizations, among others:

Bcorp Certification
Fringe Kids Toronto
Romero House
Kids after school programs

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