During this class for kids aged 8 and up, you will first learn Sketchup, 123D or other 3D design programs. We will learn how to use the 3D drawing tools Sketchup and make our own models from scratch. If you have some familiarity with Sketchup, let the teacher know, and they will be sure to help you with some more advanced techniques. The next step after you have made your model is to print it out on one of our Cube 3D Printers!

Ideas for inspiration:

  • your own creation
  • toys or figurines
  • toy car
  • animals like dinosaurs
  • action figures
  • phone cases
  • jewellery
  • puzzles
  • decoration or art
  • dollhouse
  • much more!

Start date: Tuesday April 22
End date: Tuesday June 24
Length: 10 weeks
Time: 4:30-6:30 each week
Ages: 8-18

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