MakerKids Online Course: Scratch Coding for Kids

Learn the basics of programming in a playful, interactive way. Create your own programs in Scratch, while you are learning how to write good and clear code.

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About this Course

Programming becomes a more and more important skill to have. Childhood is a great time to start learning programming and to develop computational thinking, creativity, and problem- solving skills!

This online course teaches programming in Scratch through fun videos which explains programming in an inspiring and clear way. These are accompanied with assignments which let kids to practice programming and create programs they will like to use themselves! Further, this online course is self-paced, meaning you determine yourself when you watch the video lectures and you can work at your own pace.

Every week you build a different Scratch project yourself: a flappy bird game, a virtual pet or a Mondriaan like artwork. Also weekly, new programming blocks are taught and together we’re working on ways to improve your written code.

This course is an English version of a course that was used at MakerKids with great success. The material follows the educational curriculum of MakerKids’ award-winning Coding programs.

Do you want to participate with more children? Such as your friends or maybe brother or sister? Create a personal account for each of them in order for them to work at their own pace. Once you fulfilled the entire course, a Scratch diploma with your names will be issued.

What you’ll learn

  • Programming in Scratch
  • Broad programming concepts (loops, variables, data structures)


Week 1: your first project
Learn your first concepts such as “if-then” statements and a loop.

Week 2: movements & signals
Create your own animations.

Week 3: variables
Variables & go in-depth on the concepts of repetition.

Week 4: algorithms & copying in Scratch
Learn about one of the most important concepts in programming.

Week 5: (random) positioning
Randomly moving of sprites.

Week 6: clean code
Repetition of the earlier addressed concepts and some tips & tricks.

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  • Length: 8 Weeks
  • Effort: 3–4 hours per week
  • Institution: MakerKids
  • Subject: Computer Science
  • Level: Introductory
  • Language: English
  • Video Transcript: English