At our Inventions class, kids come up with an idea and make it happen! Some previous projects include a remote controlled shoe, an automatic clothes heater, a candy floss machine and a working bow and arrow. Your imagination is the limit!

“At first when I came here, I had no idea how any of this electric stuff worked, and I’m just like, how I am going to be able to make this? But over time with my mistakes, I realized it gets easier and it comes to me and sometimes making a mistake actually teaches you something – why something doesn’t work.”
Start date: Wednesday January 15
Length: 10 weeks
Time: 4:30-6:30 each week
Ages: 8-18
The theme for this Inventions 10 week program is Magic!
Some ideas for inspiration:
  • magic electronic box
  • a magic trick with motors or buzzers or props
  • an LED wand
  • a magician’s costume with wearable tech
  • props by combining woodworking +electronics!

Imagine it, make it! 

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