Let’s face it; unfortunately, not all children are born with the confidence that they can rule the world. We all know they can do anything they put their minds to, but some need more convincing than others.

That’s where your job as a parent kicks in. You can help build your child’s confidence by doing several simple things that go a long way.

Let’s start by showcasing their talents and unique abilities. Everyone has a skill. As a parent, it’s your job to help nurture those skills. If they perceive a specific ability as “weird”, explain to them that their skill is unique and should be celebrated. Whatever skill they think is strange may actually be envied by so many other kids.

Help them to engage in activities that use their skills. Kids’ school programs may introduce them to certain activities, but many times it’s the extracurricular activities that really help to get the ball rolling. Look for various programs in your community and even online that can supplement your children’s education.

Explain that learning happens in stages. It’s very rare for a child to pick up an instrument and play a symphony piece. It takes practice because you learn as you grow. No matter if it’s a music class or a computer class, all learning happens in stages. Once children understand this concept, it can help boost their confidence because they can actually see their growth from one point to another. A light bulb will go off that tells them, “Hey, I’m much further than I was one month ago and I can do this”.

Resist the urge to do it for them. Part of being confident is knowing you can do something on your own. If you’re always swooping in to rescue your child when it looks like he’s going to fail, you’re doing nothing to boost self-confidence. As much as it might pain you, sometimes kids have to fail in order to problem solve and gain confidence. Problem-solving can be learned in any type of activity from sports programs to those that teach coding for kids.

At MakerKids, we encourage all of these techniques that help build self-confidence. Through our various coding classes, Minecraft classes, and other programs, children learn how to problem-solve and expand their talents while exploring new ones. We aim to build confidence while teaching technology skills that will help them compete in our highly tech-savvy world. Check out our MakerKids programs to get your child started today!

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