These days, we’re all feeling the pinch of a rocky financial picture. With stock market uncertainty and the effects of the pandemic, many of us are reexamining our budgets. This may mean skipping a summer vacation or holding off on getting a new car. Whatever your situation, we’re all making changes these days.

As you look at your finances and make tweaks, one area you can’t downsize in is your child’s future. This is one line in your budget that needs to remain constant. Anything you do now is only going to help them in the future.

At MakerKids, we believe that our services help parents invest in their children’s future. Our STEM classes in coding, robotics, and Minecraft, are paving the way for a successful path. Unlike other subscription services that will raise rates because of supply issues, there’s always a supply of fresh and innovative ideas at MakerKids. While you may be able to make do without your monthly movie subscription service, can your children really get by without honing their STEM skills? At MakerKids, we don’t believe so. 

If you’re already part of the MakerKids family, you know how vital our services are. If you’re thinking about joining, we want you to know that you will be making a valuable investment in your child’s future. 

Let’s explore some of the ways MakerKids is an investment in your child’s future.

Making the MakerKids Investment

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Why MakerKids? We know you have many different options when it comes to STEM classes for your kids. But, MakerKids is the best choice for several reasons:

Small Classes

All of our classes have a 5:1 student to teacher ratio. This means that your child is getting the individual attention he needs to thrive and succeed in the STEM world. Whether it’s coding, robotics, or Minecraft, our instructors are well-vetted to provide the best instruction possible. We encourage students to explore their ideas and make them a reality.

Continued Advancement

At MakerKids, we offer classes for kids in grades 3-8. Our goal is to engage your child when they’re young so that their skills will grow with them. We love to see children who grow up with MakerKids. Many start with us as beginners when they’re young and hone their skills as they get older.

Career Possibilities

Investing and reinvesting in STEM activities for your child is paving the way for their bright future. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that more than 1,000,000 STEM jobs will be added through the 2020s. 

What does this mean for your child? It means that when they are taking part in STEM activities, they are learning valuable skills that can lead to a successful career. With more and more available jobs, they will have a solid place in the competitive STEM job market. Not only will there be jobs for them, but they will also have a running start on the competition because they have been working on their skills over the years.

So, when you think about readjusting your finances through these uncertain times, think about how taking away STEM activities could put your child at a disadvantage when they get older. As parents, we always want to do everything we can to help our children succeed. Maintaining and encouraging their STEM activities is one of the best ways to do this.

Academic Success

Researchers at the University of California Irvine discovered that early math skills, like the ones learned during STEM activities, were the most consistently predictive measure of future academic success in kids in grades K-5. 

So, when you invest in STEM classes, like those at MakerKids, you are also investing in their academic future and success. The best part is that when kids are doing STEM activities, many don’t realize the academic piece of the puzzle. This comes as a perk amid all of the fun things they are doing and learning in their STEM classes.

Life Skills

We all know that STEM classes teach STEM topics, but they also instill valuable life skills that many people don’t realize. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Problem-Solving Skills
  • Collaboration 
  • Critical Thinking
  • Public Speaking

As children learn different areas of STEM, they are learning these skills and more in the process. These are important skills that they can’t learn by doing some other activities. STEM brings out the best and brightest in children as long as we continue to encourage them and support their ideas.

Are You Ready to Invest in Your Child’s Future?

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As you can see, maintaining STEM classes and activities is only going to help make your child’s future brighter. When they take a class, they are learning and gaining skills they may have never known they had within them. This is one of the many benefits of continuing with STEM classes as your child grows.

At MakerKids, STEM is our passion and it shows. We offer robotics, coding, and Minecraft classes for kids in grades 3-8. We even have a Mini-Makers class for little ones in grades 1-2. It’s never too early to start! 

If your child is already enrolled with us, we hope you will continue to be part of our family because your child will reap the rewards. If you’re still considering STEM classes, we hope you will seriously consider investing in your child’s future with MakerKids.


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