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Award-winning programs for kids grades 1-8 on Coding, Robotics and Minecraft that build technical and social-emotional skills. Support families by offering MakerKids as a unique learning benefit.

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MakerKids for Schools

MakerKids is a unique benefit that supports schools and families by offering award-winning live, small-group classes for kids ages 6-13 online. With MakerKids, schools can focus on academic classes knowing their kids are engaged and exploring their STEAM interests in-depth through interactive classes taught live via video by experienced teachers.

Our proprietary, project-based curriculum with live, real-time instruction embeds lessons that help kids build: Confidence, Social Skills, Resilience and a Positive Relationship with Technology.

And it’s a lot of fun, too!

Our Programs
What MakerKids Provides

Support for Schools

Our program enables schools to be supported through unique learning opportunities that help kids be set up for success – and have an awesome time!

Unique Electives and Enrichment

Bring MakerKids to your school or organization. Our school programs are completely turnkey. That means you can bring coding, robotics and Minecraft to your students simply with no fuss. The demand for high quality STEM education, especially including coding and digital literacy, is growing and parents are looking for a unique program for their kids.

Happy Kids, Happy Parents and Teachers

Kids love our programs – and so do parents and teachers. When kids are happy, parents and teachers are happy – and parents and teachers have told us that their whole week gets better because of their child’s time with MakerKids.

What People Are Saying
“Excellent” 4.4 out of 5 stars
Kids Will Learn

Technology that inspires creativity.

Reserve your School Program or Club: Robotics, Coding, Minecraft

Real-World Technical Skills

Kids learn industry-leading technologies, equipping them for high-earning careers of the future.

Putting Projects into Practice

Kids don’t just learn programming concepts – they get to use them to make real projects like games.

Confidence & Social Skills

Embedded in all our programs are social skill lessons, and the chance for kids to socialize with like-minded peers.

A Positive Approach to Tech

We want every child to leave MakerKids with the belief that they can use technology to shape the world around them.

Why Parents and Children
Love MakerKids

Robotics Coding Camp Toronto

Expert Facilitators

With a passion for youth and technology, our Maker Mentors recognize the uniqueness of your child and fosters their creative side and joy for STEM. Maker Mentors are trained to have students focus on the why and discover the logic behind the code instead of following a prescriptive set of instructions.

kids coding camp Toronto

Engaging Curriculum

Programs are built for all interests and experience levels. See the excitement in your child as they watch their work come to life. All classes include mini-lessons on internet safety and computer literacy so your child is better prepared to navigate the digital world.

Social Connections

With a 5 to 1 child to staff ratio and a focus on collaborative problem solving our classes are designed for your child to actively participate. Parents are amazed at how fast their child opens up socially, as they connect and build friendships with like-minded children.

Trusted by Innovative Schools and Districts:
Ashbury College

“MakerKids is a cool place where it’s cool to be smart.”

Massimo Banzi, CEO of Arduino, member of MakerKids’ Board of Advisors

“I think that MakerKids is doing some outstanding things for kids. Let’s get more kids into making.”

Carlos Contreras, Director of Education, Intel

“Our longstanding Learning Partner, MakerKids, has joined Kingsway College School this year by providing online instruction in coding to interested grade 3 and 4 students. As always, MakerKids instructors and programs are highly popular among our students. Thank you, MakerKids, for adding to our enriched program and introducing students to the creative world of making and coding!”

-Andrea Fanjoy, Kingsway College School

About MakerKids

MakerKids founded the first makerspace for kids in the world in 2010, and went on to pioneer an industry and transform education. Today, kids can access MakerKids’ award-winning programs on Coding. Minecraft and Robotics from the comfort of their own home.

We’ve been invited to give talks about our work around the world, at SXSW, MakerCon, Maker Faire, TEDx and more. We have also written a book about our work, called Every Child A Maker – as well as a children’s book called The MakerKid.

We’ve trained educators and helped school boards and libraries implement makerspaces.

We’ve run programs for companies such as Twitter and Ultimate Software – for their employees’ kids.

Kids will experience award-winning curriculum built by engineers, entrepreneurs, and graduates of the Singularity University program at NASA, and refined over 11+ years.

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We will give you an overview of MakerKids and help build the best partnership with your school and offering for your families.


Build the Offering

Our classes are focused on Minecraft, Coding, or Robotics. With various options for weekly sessions, we can work together to find the best options for your students.


Launch the Offering

We will provide you with sample materials to make sure your school’s students are all set to start making!


Start Making

Schools are always surprised at how fast their students become self-sufficient with our programs. Families and teachers will get to enjoy weekly child-free time to work or relax!

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