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Cottingham PS, Humber Valley Village and Swansea PS registrations are open.

External School Programs TorontoAbout MakerKids’ School Programs in Toronto: Want maker activities for kids at your school, library, event, or organization? For schools, we do after-school programs, lunchtime programs, workshops, curriculum-based programs, and more.

All programs are customized according to the school’s needs and curriculum. Our most popular program is our multi-week program, but we also lead workshops and assemblies. We cover topics such as coding, robotics and Minecraft.

School Programs Listing

If you don’t see your school and you know MakerKids will be at your school, registration is done through the school. Please contact your principal or teacher. (ex. KCS, York School, John Wanless)

Swansea PS Coding: Code Real World Objects (gr. 2-4) - registration open

8-weeks (1.5 hour each week), $216 (tax included)
Tuesdays, April 4-May 23

Coding: Code Real World Objects

Ready to level up? Bring what’s on the screen into the real world. Using code, students will program objects, robots and machines. Kids can learn how to make a robot play golf, race on their own and more! They will work with switches, sensors and lights. Students will work with coding language that lays between Scratch and Arduino. It takes block-based coding into the real world.

Apply the McRock scholarship. Please submit as soon as possible. Limited spaces.
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Swansea PS Robotics: Make It Move (gr. 5-8) - registration open

8-weeks (1.5 hour each week), $216 (tax included)
Wednesdays, April 5-May 24, 3:30-5pm

Robotics: Make It Move

Do you like building things and understanding how they work? Have you ever wanted to make your own robot?
In our Robotics: Make it Move program, kids will design, plan, program, and build an electronic invention while using an Arduino, a micro-controller, and learning how to code. Kids will understand how everyday objects around them work and will have the opportunity to bring their ideas to life. Past projects include: rovers, fans, moving characters and navigation tools.
Through a hands-on experience, kids will master robotics with the use of Arduinos, a microcontroller (did you know it was used to prototype the Square Reader?). Kids will code their inventions with Ardublock.

Kids will experiment with pressure plates, servo motors, solenoids (coils), and H-bridge circuits with motors are introduced. Kids can create cars, moving secret doors, timed lockboxes and more.

Apply the McRock scholarship. Please submit as soon as possible. Limited spaces.
Download the application here

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Humber Valley Village Robotics - registration open

8-weeks, $188.59 (tax included)

  • March 23-May 11 (Thursdays) 3:30-4:30pm

Robotics: Make Sound

Learn robotics! Students in this class will have a hands-on experience creating their own dynamic robots with sound, light or movement. The program involves extensive work in Arduino, a micro-controller, and Ardublock, a graphical programming language. These tools can be programmed to perform a range of operations and require understanding of coding, computer skills, tactile skills and design. Students will experiment with bells, buzzers, speakers and mics to generate and modify sound and electric waves. They can create something as simple as a doorbell or morse code over a telephone wire to sounds of a full orchestra.

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Cottingham PS - registration open

8-weeks, $226 (tax included)
March 31 – May 26
Thursdays, 3:20 PM – 4:50 PM

Minecraft: Block and Item Design

Learn to recode parts of Minecraft itself to truly realize your own creative vision.
Through modifying and redesigning Minecraft, kids will be able to create their own version of Minecraft. There is a huge range of Minecraft modifications from small changes in game behaviour to introducing brand new items, creatures, and dimensions.

In this course students are first introduced to Java, the programming language used to write Minecraft. They will then explore how Minecraft is created, which lays the foundation for many video games.
Students can make their own armour or weapons, think up brand new blocks and crafting recipes, and modify the looks and behaviour of some of the existing creatures found in the game.

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Program Details

Program Info

Ages 7-12
Multiweek, workshops, camps, assemblies, field trips and more
Multiple start dates
All experience levels welcome

Hardware + Software

May include:
LEDs, sensors, and more

What will kids learn?

At the end of the program, kids will learn technical and soft skills, including design, engineering, coding, problem solving and leadership.

What do kids make?

Kids will bring their invention to life. Projects include light shows, rovers, video games, apps and night lights. Learn something awesome and make new friends!

Our Background Partnering with Schools

MakerKids a trusted learning organization leading STEM education, activities and programs for kids and educators. We have been featured on Breakfast Television, Today’s Parent, and named “Best Children’s Workshops” by Toronto Life Magazine. We have been serving Toronto schools (e.g. Kingsway College School, Toronto French School, TCDSB) for years in programs and professional development.

If your school is interested in hiring us to run maker activities for kids or adults at your location or ours, let us know! Email us for our information pack.

Programs Available

The MakerKids Difference

Great Instructors

Our instructors are highly trained and come from various backgrounds, including engineering, theatre, music and design. They have worked at City of Toronto, P&G and YMCA. CEO, Jennifer Turliuk, attended the Graduate Studies Program at NASA’s Singularity University and business school at Queen’s University.

Leading Edge Technology

We use leading edge technology used by industry professionals. We use Arduinos, which was used to prototype the Square Reader, in our robotics programs. Kids will work with real coding languages, wires, LEDs and more to create their robotic inventions.

Space to Experiment

Our makerspace is a safe space for kids to experiment. Our instructors are first aid trained, police checked, go through rigorous training and assist lead instructors before teaching. Our mentors are trained to work with different learning abilities and behavioural issues. Kids work in groups, design on and offscreen and have time for games/park.

“Inspired by one of our MakerKids’ clubs, a student in grade 5 and his Dad are building an Arduino controller to remotely turn on the cottage water heater in advance of their arrival. This and other amazing projects have been spreading through Kingsway College School thanks to MakerKids.

It’s never been more exciting to be in education; the learning and creativity through technology, coding, electronics and open-ended making are like rocket fuel for the school experience. But schools need help making this available for all their students, and that’s where MakerKids stepped in at KCS. Their focus on children, their passion for learning through making, and their flexibility in providing solutions for our school have been invaluable in our efforts.

Vast new frontiers for learning are possible by embracing the Maker Movement, but most schools don’t have enough in-house expertise needed to go there. With MakerKids, you’ll have the expertise you need. You’ll be amazed by the potential in your students. MakerKids will help you release it.”

Andrea Fanjoy

Kingsway College School

Why Choose MakerKids?

Robotics Programs for Kids Toronto

21st Century Skills

In our kids' STEM programs, your child will learn a wide variety of skills, not just tech skills. Social and emotional competencies: A) confidence B) social skills and C) engagement. Technical skills: A) coding, B) design, and C) electronics.

Robotics Programs for Kids Toronto

Advanced Curriculum

We’ve developed curriculum for Intel and trained staff from the Toronto Public Library and various school boards. Programs are designed and created by industry professionals and makers.

Robotics Programs for Kids Toronto

Real Results

MakerKids graduates have started businesses, led classes, been featured on national TV and have shown academic and social improvement in and outside of school.

Robotics Programs for Kids Toronto

Mental Health Improvements

Parents and schools have reported improvements in mental health, behaviour and learning development. Students have overcome issues like aggression, stress and anxiety. Your child can find their tribe at MakerKids!

Robotics Programs for Kids Toronto


MakerKids was named “Best Kids’ Workshops” by Toronto Life Magazine. We run programs at schools throughout the GTA, such as Toronto French School, Kingsway College, and more.

Robotics Programs for Kids Toronto

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