When kids play videogames or any computer games, many times there is the stereotype that those kids are anti-social. When you’re talking about kids playing Minecraft, the opposite is actually true. There are many social benefits for kids who play Minecraft. Let’s take a look…

Teamwork is encouraged & rewarded

While kids may be moving the controls on their own, they know that if they work as a team when playing Minecraft, they’ll be much more successful. Minecraft encourages teamwork to overcome obstacles in the game. Players will soon realize that there is power in numbers. If they go the solo route they’ll not only see that they’re not doing as well in the game, but that they’re also missing out on a great benefit of the game.

Helping those who may feel socially isolated

For some kids finding a group to fit in with is more difficult. When they find other kids who share the same interests, like Minecraft, things can get easier. Minecraft can help bring these kids together and feel right at home. Some children who enjoy Minecraft will join Minecraft courses and classes to find other kids to socialize with who like to do the same things they do.

Builds leadership skills

One of the best social skills a child can have is to learn how to be a good leader. In order to become a good leader, you need to be confident. As children work in teams in Minecraft, they develop leadership skills and build their self-confidence. When someone is self-confident they also feel more comfortable in social settings, so it’s a win-win all around.

Boosts problem-solving skills

Being able to solve problems is a skill that will help all children as they get older. When people know you’re a good problem solver, they’ll often look towards you for guidance and leadership in social settings. In Minecraft, kids need to learn how to do things like survive a monster attack or gather enough supplies to build an ocean liner. Whatever task Minecraft presents, children need to be ready to tackle it, head-on.

If you’re looking to challenge your child with Minecraft and help build social skills, MakerKids can help. We offer Minecraft classes for kids as well as computer coding and other STEM-related topics. Choose from a variety of formats, including after-school programs and camps. To find out more about Minecraft courses for kids, contact us at 877-769-6428. Find out how we’re helping so many students get on the pathway to success!

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