STEM Education for Kids

The Maker Movement has a lot to do with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) and STEM has a lot to do with the Maker Movement. Both highly value creating, innovating and seeing the world from different angles. STEM learning and methodologies are increasingly being incorporated in many industries, from design, innovation, economics, business and personal development. On a more global level, focusing on these four topics has been key to growth in national GDP, advancement in quality of life, and bettering the world.

While, schools and other traditional learning do embrace teaching the four core STEM topics, there is usually a lag to keep up with current and new technologies and ideas. Technology and ideas move fast. STEM learning has a bias towards action, harnesses new ideas, values continuous learning and is forward thinking. In all our programs, we ensure to incorporate STEM topics as well as STEM mentalities.


Why is STEM Education Important For Kids?

STEM EducationGiving children a head start on STEM topics, not only teaches them useful technical skills, but imparts life long mindsets for innovation and soft skills. They learn to take risks, create, learn that it’s okay to fail, work with others and think outside of the box. Kids begin leaning towards what they like at a very young age and for girls, it is even younger. Studies have shown that by the age of 12, many girls decide to turn away from maths and sciences. It is important to foster open learning environments and encourage kids’ interests and talents.

Example careers in STEM: Engineer, Technology Analyst, Architect, Designer (industrial, interface, graphic), Software Developer, Information Security Analyst

Technical skills

Learn skills like coding, computer skills, electronics and robotics.


21st Century Skills

Learn soft skills, teamwork, critical thinking and technology literacy.



We teach kids to create, invent, prototype and encourage ideation.

Real World and Career Preparation

Discover and hone talents and skills for today’s work environment and landscape.


STEM Education for kids

Our Approach to Teaching STEM

STEM is for everyone, not just adults. We’re proud to be the first and largest MakerSpace for kids in the world. It is also open for boys, girls and people of different backgrounds. In our classrooms, we foster an open learning environment, not only conducive to STEM topics, but to creativity, discovering and improving on kids’ individual skills and abilities. We believe learning should not be rigid and that everyone works at different paces and learns differently. We also integrate different topics, like art, for well-rounded learning experience. We go beyond just STEM children’s workshops, but have camps and full year programs for continuous learning.

Read more about our learning approach.

Our STEM Programs for Kids

Our STEM programs for kids include Robotics, Coding and Minecraft. We run STEM summer camps, after school programs, weekend programs, and birthday parties all at our MakerSpace in Toronto. We have instructor to student ratio of 1:8. Our instructors come from varied backgrounds, including:  music, design, tech, and engineering. In each program, kids make something awesome, leave inspired and learn new skills. Ages 8-12.

Learn about our STEM After School Programs

Learn about our STEM Summer Camps

Learn about our STEM Birthday Parties


In each MakerKids program, your child will:

1. Make friends with like-minded kids

2. Learn 21st century skills (confidence, creativity, etc)

3. Learn technical skills (e.g. coding)

4. Make something awesome

STEM Education for Kids

STEM Education for Kids


While school’s out, keep kids away from their iPads with a trip to MakerKids, an intensely creative DIY emporium. Amateur Elon Musks are invited into a room full of supplies to bring techy fantasies to life: crayons for drafting, 3-D printers for making new shapes and easy electrical kits for robotics.