At MakerKids, we not only love to teach kids about STEM topics, but we get so excited when their projects come to life. It shows us that they’re really grasping and enjoying what they’re learning. 

When kids take classes with us, they can focus on coding, robotics, or the game Minecraft. Each area allows them to learn based on their skill level and grow as they master different topics. They get to work on their projects and get help from our mentors as they need it. Our mentors are there to answer questions while allowing kids to explore on their own. This is an important part of the learning process.

Children also learn how to help one another in their classes as they share ideas and help to troubleshoot. This is an important part of learning at MakerKids. We like to see kids helping each other as they form relationships and communicate.

Student Spotlight

One of our coding students, Yusif, is proof that kids are learning valuable skills from their classes at MakerKids. Yusif is an 11-year-old student who worked on his coding project over the course of three months.

yusif project

Yusif’s project is about a cat who lost its cake and needs to get it back. (Wouldn’t you want to get back your lost cake?) His prime suspect, Dot, is hiding somewhere out there. Scratch cat is searching everywhere for him. When he finally tracks him down and starts asking questions, Dot has no idea what he’s talking about. Could Dot have been framed?

yusif project

This clever idea is illustrated through Yusif’s coding project. As you can see, the characters and setting are well thought out throughout the game. Yusif’s mother tells us that Yusif is very passionate about coding and found that the MakerKids coding program was a great opportunity to help him achieve one of his goals of developing his own game.

yusif project

Yusif is grateful to his MakerKids’ mentors who encouraged and helped him make his ideas come to life.  We are so proud of Yusif and his accomplishment!

Yusif’s project is one of many that we are proud of at MakerKids. If you would like to learn more about our coding classes or robotics and Minecraft, check us out online or book a free trial class


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