If you have a child who’s really into coding, congratulations! It’s a great skill that they’re learning and one that will be much needed as they get older. IT is Canada’s fastest-growing industry and the job of a computer developer holds the top spot for tech jobs. Besides preparing them for a career down the road, there are some other benefits of coding programs for kids. Let’s take a look.

Coding Programs for Kids Help Develop Critical Thinking Skills

As kids learn how to code they soon realize that you just can’t guess and hope for the best. You need to analyze the situation or project and work from there. These types of critical thinking skills are crucial to not only succeed in coding programs but also in the classroom and beyond.

Coding Programs for Kids Help Develop Processing Skills

Coding is a language within itself. Just like learning French or German or other language, coding requires kids to process the information they’re getting. Coding is a universal language. So, once they master it, they’ll be able to use it wherever they go.

Coding Programs for Kids Teach Determination

No matter if you’re an expert coder or it’s your first time trying it out, you’ll soon discover that you need to be determined to make things work. There’s a good chance that there will be material that’s difficult to understand. When this is the case, kids can’t quit. They need to learn that determination is the only way to succeed. This is a skill that is invaluable and is often stressed during coding programs.

Coding Programs for Kids Teach Teamwork

To be successful in coding programs and life in general, you need to learn to work as a team. Teamwork is not something that comes easy for everyone. There are many kids and adults who prefer to work solo. But, they soon discover that working as a team has many more benefits. When you work as a team you can bounce ideas off of one another to make your project work. While one child may be stumped on part of a project, another child may have the answer at his fingertips. It’s this type of teamwork that gets the job done.

Coding Programs for Kids Presentation Skills

Although kids may cringe at the idea of presenting a project in front of a large group of people, it’s a much-needed life skill. In a coding program, kids will learn how to tell their group about their project, how it works, and why it’s important. This type of skill is one that kids can use not only in their classroom but also as they get older.

Coding Programs for Kids at MakerKids

At MakerKids, we know about these benefits because we see kids develop them every day. In our coding programs for kids, they learn coding skills as well as all of the other benefits that come along with the program. If you’re interested in learning more about our coding programs, call us at 1-844-MAKERKIDS or check us out online.

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