Once in a while, a video game comes along that encompasses not only ‘fun’, ‘adventure’ and ‘freedom’, but also embodies all the skill and heroism that all young kids fantasize about. It is more than just a game – it teaches life-skills that will develop critical thinking and problem solving in a new and fun way.

Learning these skills at school in the form of arithmetic, reading, writing, the arts and social and character building is still the foremost building blocks of your children’s education, but who says you can’t meld the old with the new? The current form of education has its roots in the last century. Your children are rapidly moving forward and their education has to keep up with them!

Everyone knows that children always excel at the subjects they enjoy. Now using Minecraft, they can excel at every subject – without even realizing that they are receiving the best education to be found.

They will be receiving 21st Century Skills. These are the skills that will be utilized in the present and future. You will be preparing your children to develop unlimited curiosity, initiative, communication, flexibility in their thinking and problem solving.

Their social collaboration and empathy with their fellow players and later their colleagues will be honed and perfected making them the outstanding citizens you want them to be.

Encourage them to have Minecraft birthday parties and join in Minecraft programs for kids. These wonderful activities as well as the game itself are found at MakerKids in Toronto.

The game of Minecraft is simplicity itself, consisting of building blocks to create any landscape, any building from small houses to huge castles. Invent robots or fight off monsters. The old adage that ‘the only limitation is the imagination’ has never been truer with Minecraft.

This game has taken the world by storm and kids are flocking to buy it, download it, and they are talk to other kids while building their new and fantastical worlds.

MakerKids in Toronto is one of the only ‘Makerspaces’ for kids in the world. We were given the accolade of “Best Children’s Workshop” by Toronto Life Magazine.

We have weekly programs that run from 1.5 to 2 hours per week, after school or on weekends for 10 weeks. Here the kids will learn videogame programming for both beginners and advanced, robotic inventions, advanced Minecraft and electronics. They will be exposed to and learn all the skills mentioned above.

Have them join our Summer Camps, PA days, March Break Camp and Winter Camps. They will meet other kids who are makers, make their own projects and build leadership skills.

You will be surprised at the personal transformation you will see in your kids. The quietest, most introverted child will blossom out and grow and the extrovert will learn to channel his natural enthusiasm into the most fantastic building projects. These will be the kids of the future. They will take this world by storm and lead us into the 22nd Century.

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