The world’s technology is evolving rapidly. You’re now able to pay for your groceries without taking your wallet or phone out of your pocket with near-field communication. Electronic cars that drive themselves are on the horizon. You will be able to control devices, including robotic limbs, with your thoughts. This is important for our kids because it all runs on code! Teaching them this vital skill will set them apart and give them the extra oomph they need to net the jobs of the future.

Code is Everywhere

Every phone, computer, and video game system runs on code. There is a wave of new “smart” products coming out, with everything from glasses to refrigerators, cars, lights, TV’s, and even umbrellas now running on code.

Code Isn’t as Complicated as it Used to be

Gone are the days when code looked like this:

Teaching Kids Coding

Our kids learn to code robotics using Arduino and code video games using Scratch, which are updated software that make programming easier. Scratch looks like this:


As you can see it’s much more simple and visual. This probably still looks like a foreign language if you don’t know how to code. Coding really is like learning a new language. However, it doesn’t have to be difficult. With our 10-week program, our kids learn to code in just 2 hours per week.

Programming Helps Kids Use Their Creativity

Making a video game allows them to build a new world where anything is possible. They learn everything from graphic design to modifying an already created game. If they already love Minecraft, they can change the world to fit what they want. They can change the way their character looks by creating in-game “skins”.

Learning Will Boost Their Confidence

Studies have shown confidence to be important in learning at every age. One sure-fire way to boost children’s confidence is giving them the tools to succeed in creating something. When our kids succeed at making a video game, they feel as though it is their own creation.

Furthermore, when adults come to them and say, “Wow! I can’t do that!”, it boosts their confidence further. Being able to do something that others can’t do gives them the assurance they need in their own abilities.

kid coding

It’s a Great Way to Learn While Having Fun

Here at MakerKids, our students love the way we teach them code. Their enjoyment of it hastens the learning process, allowing them to comprehend more while also retaining their knowledge after classes. Your kids will love coming to our studio, and will make plenty of friends while they’re here.

Thanks for Reading!

We hope you now have a better understanding of why teaching our children to learn is instrumental to their future. Code is only becoming more important as time goes on. It’s taking over the world we live in, and we need to adapt to it if we want to be successful.

If you’re ready to take the leap and give your kids the gift of learning a valuable skill, sign them up for one of our programs today!

If we don’t have a location by you, you can always sign up for our online courses.

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