Did you know that Minecraft is not only a popular game, but it also prepares children for the future? Besides helping them to become more creative and solve problems, it can lay the foundation for a successful career in technology.

Let’s take a closer look at Minecraft education and its many benefits so you can see what your child can learn.

What is Minecraft?

Many parents think Minecraft is just a game that their kids play. While it is a game, it’s much more than that. It combines exploration and survival skills as your child learns to create anything they want. It is often compared to digital LEGOs. 

Besides building blocks, there are also monsters and other challenging characters to turn things up a notch. Players have to quickly learn how to survive and adapt in the Minecraft world.

Benefits of Minecraft


Improves Problem-Solving Skills

When children play Minecraft, they have to navigate through obstacles. They quickly learn that their first ideas to get through may not work. As they think of new ways to become successful, they also work on their problem-solving skills. 

Specifically, when the game is in “survival mode” players have to maintain their hunger and health levels while facing dangerous monsters. They have to figure out how to escape and survive in these quick 10-minute games. These scenarios help to encourage critical thinking.

Teaches Social-Emotional Skills

Minecraft can also teach social-emotional skills and help children to become good digital citizens. When playing with other children, they need to learn respect. This is a benefit that can translate to all parts of their lives.

Supports Reading and Writing Skills

Reading and writing skills are included in Minecraft education. When children play, they have to have a good understanding of the language used in the rules on the screen. They also have to be able to write in the chat so that other players can understand them.

Encourages Kids to Be Curious

minecraft education

Minecraft teaches kids to be naturally curious. Part of the game requires kids to overcome challenges. To be successful, they have to find hints and tricks. This may encourage them to do some independent research so that they can get better at the game. These research skills can be used in school and throughout life.

Teaches How to Manage Resources

When playing Minecraft, kids need to learn how to calculate how much things cost and how much time is required for tasks. These management skills are an important part of real-life skills that kids need to be successful.

Encourages Teamwork

Minecraft teaches kids the benefits of teamwork. Sometimes, the only way to win is to work with others. By sharing resources, children learn the importance of collaboration and how it can benefit them.

Teaches History

Reconstructing famous and historical landmarks is a popular facet of Minecraft. This includes recreating famous events and mapping out locations

Improves Creativity

Minecraft also works to boost creativity. The sky’s the limit when it comes to building in Minecraft. The game allows kids to use their imaginations to build virtually anything.

All of these skills help to prepare children for their future and for when they go out into the workforce. The Minecraft education the game provides can help children have the skills they need to succeed in the 21st-century workplace.

Minecraft at MakerKids


At MakerKids, we believe in the benefits of Minecraft which is why we offer it as one of the classes. We offer Minecraft classes for kids in grades 1-8.

Our mentors use the game as a way to help kids build transferable skills like coding, electronics, and more. This is one way Minecraft can help kids become interested in other STEM topics. 

In our classes, kids also learn social skills, communication, teamwork, patience, and more! To find out more about our Minecraft classes and the other STEM classes we offer, call us today at 1-844-MAKERKIDS or contact us online. Be sure to ask about how you can try a FREE class!

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