Sure, we can tell you all about the benefits of teaching kids STEM at an early age. Like how the statistics show engaging them young means they’re more likely to enter a science, technology, engineering or math career – which is where the big, growing demand is for jobs, especially in Toronto.

But beyond our award-winning programs, there’s so much parents and caregivers can do while their kids are engaged in robotics, coding and Minecraft, right here in the Bayview – Leaside neighborhood!

Here are just a few things you can do locally while your kids are in our care:


  1. Get primped & styled:
  1. Shop for food or grab a coffee:
  1. Need the basics? No problem:

Leaside has so much to offer, we’re just scratching the surface in this blog post. For more info on the neighbourhood check out the Bayview – Leaside BIA directory. We love being part of this thriving community.

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