Today at the Maker Kids lab, we continued with our previous project and introduced new projects, goals and ideas!


Robot Knife Fight

We started off the day by continuing work on our Knife Fight robots/vehicles,

Jacob working on his almost-finished Battle-Bot

adding weapons and defences, and finishing up wiring.
Everybody’s high level of imagination and creativity is very evident!

We are starting to see some very interesting Battle-Bots,
such as a part human, part scorpion, part robot Battlebot
that features as foot with a needle sticking out of it that will be used
to pop the enemy’s balloon.
Another good example of the enthusiasm and ingenuity we are
seeing would be a flat platform on wheels that is covered with
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles wielding spears.

I can’t wait to see the additions people will make to their Battle-Bots
to make them even more deadly, creative and in some cases hilarious!


Mini-Project #1

Today a few Maker Kids undertook a mini-project,
where they created home-made jewellery using gemstones and metal casts.

Miles showing off some jewellery he made.

The result was several pieces of very nice jewellery,
sporting many different gems including Amethyst, Quartz and Moss Agate.

Water Balloon Cannons

Yesterday we put Water Balloon Cannons on the board for ideas and today we’ve started sketching our designs and beginning production. We’ve seen a few very interesting designs including a two-manned slingshot and a trebuchet that shoots balloons in medieval style!




Thoughts for Tomorrow

Tomorrow we hope to continue progress on our Battle-Bots,
make progress on our Water Balloon Cannons and hopefully
start up our goals of Lock Picking and Printing out a 3D Image from Minecraft!







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