Another very productive day at the Maker Kids Lab! We added the final touches to our projects today, as tomorrow is the final day of camp!

3D Printing Project

Today we started off by having a few Maker Kids on Minecraft,

Miles holding his 3D Printed Image

creating things they’d like to print out using the 3D Printer.
I only had a chance to see one of the creations,
which seemed to be an upside-down pyramid of sorts.
Very interesting indeed, I can’t wait to see how it turns out after
it’s printed!

 Robot Knife Fight

After working on Minecraft for a little while,
a lot of people started to add the finishing touches
to their Battle Bots. Most of the Battle Bots are finished,
and ready to fight! It has been very fascinating watching
the Maker Kids turn a pile of wood and tires into the
Robots we see now, and only in a matter of days!
I can’t wait to see the final battle of the
Robot Knife Fight tomorrow.


Today we had two mini-projects, both very interesting.
One was done by Zhen, one of the Maker Kids.

A Battle-Bot in the process of being made

She moulded a toy horse’s head, and then
melted down chocolate to pour into the mould,
creating chocolate horse heads.
This process was surprising long, it took
up most of her day! (The chocolate was very delicious!)
The other mini-project was done by Téa,
who used corn starch and vibrations from a
stereo to create a monster! The idea was popularised
by the Big Bang Theory, and she wanted to try it out!
It was fun to watch the starch rise up and down,
dancing around, making different shapes.

Water Balloon Cannon                                                                                                                                                                                            

A lot of today was occupied by building
and improving our Water Balloon Launchers.

Zhen working on her Chocolatey mini-project

Massive progress was made on the creation
of Wiley’s trebuchet model, and many
improvements were made to fix the design
issues on our Two/Three-Person Slingshot
model. I hope to test these out tomorrow,
but it is supposed to rain quite a lot
and that might cause issues with our plans.

Thoughts for Tomorrow

Tomorrow I hope to see a lot of
final production. As tomorrow is
the last day, we will be having
the Robot Knife Fight and will be
doing final tests on our Water
Balloon Cannons! Things may be
difficult in the rain, but we’ll
work through it and produce some
great final products!

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