These days the way we do a lot of things has changed, birthday parties included. Many parents are opting out of traditional parties due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But, they don’t want their kids to miss out on their birthday celebration either. That’s where virtual birthday parties come in. They are a great way for kids to still have fun, celebrate, and be safe.

At MakerKids, we offer virtual birthday parties where your child and his friends can still have fun together and make some cool projects in the process. Check it out!


Party Program

No matter what topic area your child chooses for his party, he’ll have a great experience that’s carefully planned so that all kids finish with a great project.

The parties are all two hours long. Kids will learn some key ideas relating to what they’re going to make, create their project, and have virtual snacks and cake. You can have as many as 30 kids at your virtual party, so there’s plenty of room for everyone.

All kids participating need to have an internet connection, computer or laptop, and a working speaker and microphone.


Types of Virtual Birthday Parties

We know kids have a variety of interests. That’s why we offer parties that focus on coding, robotics, and Minecraft.

Coding Parties

During the coding parties, kids learn how to code their own video games. They not only learn how to create their games, but they get to try other kids’ games too. If there are some kids that already know about coding, they can add some advanced features.

Robotics Parties

Robotics parties are also a lot of fun because kids learn how to design, plan, program, and build an electronic invention. They can make their own robotic invention and make it light up.

Minecraft Parties

During Minecraft parties, kids work together in the game to build amazing creations. The more kids you have, the more different ideas and cool things they can make. The party is tailored to the kids’ ages so that everything is on their level.

Celebrate with MakerKids

One of the best things about virtual birthday parties is that kids won’t get bored. They have experienced instructors to guide them during the party, engage them, and make it fun. The best part is that there’s no messy cleanup and your child doesn’t miss out on celebrating a birthday.

For more information on virtual birthday parties from MakerKids, call us at 1-844-MAKERKIDS and be sure to check out the parties online.