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Looking for a virtual employee benefits program that’s both fun and educational? Why not work with the leading STEM organization for kids?

Choose from Coding, Robotics or Minecraft programs!



Grades 3-5 & 6-8

Kids will learn everything they need to know to code their very own game: character development, storyboarding, animation, environment and level design, beta testing and, of course, coding.

Skills Learned:

Internet Safety
Game Design
Beta Testing


Grades 1-2, 3-5 & 6-8

We leverage kids’ interest in Minecraft as a gateway to introduce them to other STEM topics such as Robotics and Coding. Minecraft is also a great medium for teaching positive netizen skills and communication skills.

Skills Learned:

Social Skills
Problem Solving
3D Design


Grades 3-5 & 6-8

Kids use online robotics simulator technology to learn how to make electronic creations that they previously only dreamed of. Wire up circuits, make virtual lights light up, design solutions to real-world problems, learn about a variety of electromagnetic concepts, and code a virtual ‘robot brain’ to make something awesome.

Skills Learned:


Mini Makers

Grades 1-2

Mini Makers introduces kids in grades 1 and 2 to our core technology topics: Coding and Robotics. They will design their own video games, create robotic inventions, do design and experimentation, and more.

Skills Learned:

Social Skills
Problem Solving

Technology that inspires creativity.

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Real-World Technical Skills

Kids learn industry-leading technologies, equipping them for high-earning careers of the future.

Putting Projects into Practice

Kids don’t just learn programming concepts – they get to use them to make real projects like games.

Confidence & Social Skills

Embedded in all our programs are social skill lessons, and the chance for kids to socialize with like-minded peers.

A Positive Approach to Tech

We want every child to leave MakerKids with the belief that they can use technology to shape the world around them.

More About MakerKids’ Corporate Services

Benefits for Employees

Increasing numbers of employees are working parents and statistics show that employees with young children are the demographic most likely to require time away from work. The reason most often cited is issues with child care. Family-friendly programs can assist with some of the challenges in balancing work and family demands. By partnering with MakerKids, employees have access to:

– Guaranteed part-time virtual programs within six months of registration

– Access to MakerKids back-up programs  at a discounted rate

Benefits for Employers

According to a 2003 Work/Life Benefits report by Hewitt Associates “Child care assistance remains the most prevalent work/life program, with 95% of employers today offering some kind of assistance to their employees (up from 87% in 1998)” (Hewitt Associates, 2003, p.1). Family-friendly programs are mutually beneficial for employers and employees. Offering MakerKids dependent care as part of your benefits options can help your company:

– Decrease absenteeism

– Increase job satisfaction

– Enhance recruitment and retention packages

– Strengthen employee commitment levels

Take advantage of a powerful public relations tool MakerKids offers virtual programs for employees’ children. Speak with one of our Corporate Relations staff members to learn more about these reasonable benefits that can have a significant impact on your organization.

Why Partner with MakerKids

In today’s job market, employers work diligently to obtain and retain a quality work force and provide an environment that encourages employees to bring their best selves to work each day. It’s important to make investments that motivate, engage and support employees. When employers provide programs that allow employees to care for their families, they position their organization as not only an employer of choice but as one that experiences a powerful return on their wellness and corporate benefits program investment.

Employers Win Championing Work/Life Balance

Studies consistently show that Work/Life programs and Family Solution programs decrease turnover, reduce stress and absenteeism, and increase productivity on the job – a huge win for both the employee and the employer. Conversely, failure to deal effectively with many of these work culture challenges can mean significant costs in time and productivity for the employer. According to Health Canada, the work-life conflict costs Canadian companies up to $10 billion a year. Research prepared for the Federal Department of Human Resources reveals that employees that missed work due to specific child care challenges missed approximately 8 days per year.

MakerKids Offers Highly Desirable Employee Benefits

Now, more than ever, employers of all sizes are looking for a partner to offer creative benefits to help address some of the work-life conflict that families face, especially as it relates to child care. Corporate-sponsored child care and family benefits refers to various strategies and programs. These could range from virtual programs, emergency/back-up care, subsidies, employer-paid days, resources and referrals – offered to assist employees with their child care needs.

Corporate Membership

Our Business Development team would love to speak with your organization about the many benefits of corporate membership with MakerKids. Please reach out to the location closest to you and one of our Business Development team members will contact you shortly. Have some specific questions you’d like to ask? You can also contact one of the MakerKids Business Development team members directly.

“I think that MakerKids is doing some outstanding things for kids. Let’s get more kids into making.”

-Carlos Contreras, Director of Education, Intel

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All classes are VIRTUAL (learn from home) and taught by live instructors.
Select the location nearest to you to ensure you are enrolled with a MakerKids community near you.

Why MakerKids?

Expert Instructors You Can Trust

We hand-pick our instructors through a 7-step vetting process, and give them extensive training

  • Background checks

  • Multiple reference checks

  • Extensive technology training

Award-Winning Curriculum

Your child will experience curriculum built by engineers, entrepreneurs, and graduates of the Singularity University program at NASA

  • 7+ years of refinement

  • Named “Best Kids’ Workshops”

  • A curriculum that will redefine your kid’s relationship with tech.

Call us at 1-844-MAKERKIDS to reserve your virtual program today!