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Grades 3-5 & 6-8

Kids use online robotics simulator technology to learn how to make electronic creations that they previously only dreamed of. Wire up circuits, make virtual lights light up, design solutions to real-world problems, learn about a variety of electromagnetic concepts, and code a virtual ‘robot brain’ to make something awesome.

Skills Learned:


Technology that inspires creativity.

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Real-World Technical Skills

Kids learn industry-leading technologies, equipping them for high-earning careers of the future.

Putting Projects into Practice

Kids don’t just learn programming concepts – they get to use them to make real projects like games.

Confidence & Social Skills

Embedded in all our programs are social skill lessons, and the chance for kids to socialize with like-minded peers.

A Positive Approach to Tech

We want every child to leave MakerKids with the belief that they can use technology to shape the world around them.

Virtual camps for every age, level and interest

Beginner, experienced and advanced options available. Please select your camp based on the grade your child will be going into.

Enjoy the flexibility of scheduling safe virtual camps – our 2-hour programs are easy to fit into your day.

Design the world around you! In our Robotics programs, kids design, plan, program, and build electronic inventions while using a robotics microcontroller (used by industry professionals) and learning how to code. Kids better understand how everyday objects around them work and have the opportunity to bring their ideas to life.

Kids make electronic creations that they previously only dreamed of. Make lights light up, motors spin, and code a ‘robot brain’ to make something awesome. Kids see the results of their code before their eyes. They realize that they can make things that others can use. Past projects: nightlights, motion-activated alarms, rovers, and more.

Skills Learned: Self-Confidence, Creativity, Teamwork, Coding, Electronics, Math, Reading, Writing, Design

Compatible with Chromebook.

These Grades 3-5 & 6-8 camps are split between Beginner (no experience required) and Experienced (some experience) levels.

Red Week or Blue Week: We have two different weeks of content for this camp – Red Week and Blue Week. For kids who have taken one camp (e.g. Red Week) and then take another (e.g. Blue Week), they will get to use the software platforms they have become familiar with to take on a whole host of different projects. The camps can be taken in any order.

Investing in Their Growth

Why Parents and Children
Love MakerKids

Robotics Coding Camp Toronto

Expert Facilitators

With a passion for youth and technology, our Maker Mentors recognize the uniqueness of your child and fosters their creative side and joy for STEM. Maker Mentors are trained to have students focus on the why and discover the logic behind the code instead of following a prescriptive set of instructions.

kids coding camp Toronto

Engaging Curriculum

Programs are built for all interests and experience levels. See the excitement in your child as they watch their work come to life. All classes include mini-lessons on internet safety and computer literacy so your child is better prepared to navigate the digital world.

Social Connections

With a 5 to 1 child to staff ratio and a focus on collaborative problem solving our classes are designed for your child to actively participate. Parents are amazed at how fast their child opens up socially, as they connect and build friendships with like-minded children.