Many kids don’t realize the world of coding exists until someone, like a parent or teacher, introduces them to it. Many are surprised to discover how coding affects their everyday lives.

When they start to realize it, they may begin to get interested in coding and its inner workings. Here are some ways to get your child on the coding train.

Explain that coding stirs creativity. Some kids may have the wrong impression when they hear the word coding. But, when they realize that coding helps to bring to life apps, video games, game characters, and other things they play with, they may become more interested to learn more. In order to be successful at coding, you need to be creative.

Make coding a social activity. Coding does not have to be a solo activity. When kids learn to code together, they gain social skills and also learn from each other. There may be afterschool groups and other programs in your area that offer coding to help kids hone their skills and meet other kids with similar interests.

Introduce them to a mentor. Spending time with a successful coder can help them become more excited about coding as they learn what could lie ahead for them. A successful mentor can also answer questions and explain why coding is so important. Finding a mentor can mean all the difference in helping your child cultivate an interest in coding.

At MakerKids, we can not only introduce your child to coding mentors, but we also offer afterschool programs, camps, and private classes to help your child explore the world of coding and other STEM-related topics. Our programs help to stir your child’s creativity and build social skills by interacting with other kids with the same interests. Our programs help children learn how to work independently and in groups to solve problems to make their ideas come alive.

If you’re ready to get your child excited about coding and give him or her the learning tools they need to be successful, call MakerKids today at 1-844-MAKERKIDS to get started!

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