Summer will soon be upon us, which means the kids are out of school, warm weather, and fun weekend trips! However, it can be hard to get the whole family to decide on what to do. The kids want something fun while you want something relaxing. What to do? Here are some simple kid activities for the weekends:



Being outdoors surrounded by nothing but nature is an amazing way to spend a Saturday afternoon. Sharing stories around a campfire and roasting s’mores is always a good time. It’s also a great family bonding experience; not to mention the amazing health benefits.

Your kids will also learn about nature and perhaps some tactile skills through working with their hands, like how to start a fire, cook over it and build tents. Star gazing is always a great experience for kids!

Time at the Beach


Another classic family favorite, the beach can be an amazing getaway. The kids will be busy building sandcastles and getting knocked over by waves! Oh, and there are amazing health benefits to soaking up all that sun as well!

Your kids will also be able to make friends with other kids and enhance their social skills. Perhaps they’ll even learn some architecture, nature and try their hand at building a sandcastle!

MakerKids Parties or Sampler Classes

MakerKids party

Looking for more challenge?

At MakerKids, we host birthday parties where your kids can learn how to code while playing Minecraft, or repurpose old toys into cool new gadgets using googlie eyes and glue!

We also have sampler classes where your kids can build and code robots, create electronics, and learn how to code using a program called Scratch.

The activities we have set up for your kids have some amazing educational benefits, like enhanced memory and math skills. Your kids get to have fun, learn and make new friends! They are perfect weekend activities that encourage inventiveness, playfulness and exploration.

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