MakerKids teaches coding, robotics and Minecraft. Sounds pretty technical right? Well, we also incorporate 21st century skills, like creativity, social skills and emphasize physical and mental health. We need healthy bodies and minds to create magnificent things, like innovative apps and out-of-this-world Minecraft contraptions. Here are some of our policies, training and tips we like to include in our classes.

Our Standards

We are an accredited camp with the Ontario Camps Association. Being a member includes following over 200 regulations on key areas like safety, management and health. Operating since 1933, the OCA’s “supports, advances, promotes and accredits camps throughout Ontario.”

We are also a certified B Corporation. B Corp certification is to business what Fair Trade certification is to coffee or USDA Organic certification is to milk. B Corps are a new type of company that uses the power of business to solve social and environmental problems.


Health Support and Initiatives
Our makerspace is scent free and we are nut aware. We make sure kids and staff do not bring snacks with nuts. We also ensure we are aware of any other allergies and do our best to make amendments. We take allergies and asthma seriously.
Our staff is also trained and has the background to work with kids of different learning and behavioural abilities. This may include autism, anxiety and ADHD.


Staying Sharp in Class
Our classes range from 1 hour to a whole day workshop at MakerKids. A lot of great stuff can be made in that time, but we also need several brain breaks. We make sure to take a break every hour. That means no time on screens. During breaks, kids play games, socialize and have a snack. We also make sure kids have something to drink nearby, especially after going out to the park during PA days and Camps. It is important to rest your eyes if they have been staring at a screen for long periods of time.


Staff and Instructor Training
All our instructors are trained in first aid, our curriculum, learning methodology and how to work with different kids. Before instructors lead a class, they will have assisted classes beforehand. We require a police check and three references for all new staff. Our staff also get breaks with monthly staff socials!


Forms and Policies
We have many new students each year! As a part of their registration, we require a health form and anaphylaxis form (if applicable). Before classes start, we make our instructors are aware of any health or behavioural issues. During training, we have policies that all staff have to review, agree on and sign. this includes anti-discrimination, workplace violence and harassment, code of ethics, bullying prevention and accessibility policies.


If there is any request you would like to make that would make your child’s learning experience even better, please let us know!



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