As the school year gets underway, many are preparing for a year that’s going to look much different than they’re used to. While some will be returning to in-person instruction, others may be spending half of their time in school and half at home. Some may still be doing all of their learning from home.

After-school activities are also looking different these days with many taking an online approach when they can. This is true for online STEM programs. Because in-person classes were just not possible due to the pandemic, many get creative so kids could still have all the benefits, just from home.

If you’re thinking of trying online STEM programs for your child as the new school year approaches, let’s take a look at how they can benefit.


Supplements School Learning

Classroom instruction is a great way to get introduced to different topics and lessons. But, it’s also important to expand upon what is taught at school. Due to the school curriculum and time restraints, teachers don’t always have the time they want to do more on a topic. That’s why online STEM programs can help. They can help kids take that extra step to learn more and advance. What they learn in these programs can help them in school and beyond.

Helps Them Make Friends

Many online STEM programs are a community. Other kids are part of them just as they would be if the program was in-person. This helps kids meet peers from all over with the same interests. When a new school year starts it can sometimes be difficult to meet new friends. But when you already have something in common, it becomes a little easier.


Improves Critical Thinking Skills

One of the main things that kids should learn is how to have critical thinking skills. They shouldn’t just take things at face value. They should want to know “why” something happens or how things got to how they are today. By learning how to become problem solvers and deep thinkers, they can also strengthen their skills inside the classroom. They can become leaders as they work to give the solutions to problems, not just study about them.

Online STEM Programs at MakerKids

At MakerKids, we know the benefits of STEM programs which is why we focus on teaching them to children of all ages. Robotics, coding, and Minecraft programs are available for children in grades 1-8. Students are split up into age-appropriate groups so that they are learning with their peers.

Each class has a mentor to student ratio of 1:8 or better. This way kids still get the attention they need in a virtual setting. For more information on our virtual programs, call us at 1-844-MAKERKIDS, or visit us online.


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