When it comes to STEM programs, there is a variety of skill sets needed to succeed, including math skills. After all, the “M” in STEM stands for mathematics. While kids don’t need to be math whizzes to be great in STEM programs, STEM programs can help to improve their math skills.

If you’re thinking about getting your child involved in a STEM program, it’s important to know what are STEM programs and courses can improve their math skills. Let’s take a look.


Coding Programs

Standard math is used in many programming functions. Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division are used in almost any program that is written. Even the youngest of coding students will use some type of math. Of course, as kids get older, this can get more intricate. But, they’ll have the basics to build on which will help them succeed.

Engineering Programs

When engineers construct a bridge or anything else, they need to measure and be precise. Math skills that involve geometry and measures are important math skills that are used in STEM programs such as engineering.

Science Programs

Science and math go hand in hand. Scientists need to have basic math skills to solve programs and experiments. Besides measuring in a lab, they also need to be able to do math to solve equations. Think about chemistry and physics and all of the math skills that go along with that. While young children may not be diving into those complex subjects, they’ll still use math to get them going in the right direction.

Technology Programs

Technology programs go hand-in-hand with math skills as well. Anyone who wants to learn different areas of technology should be prepared to do some math. Kids may think that if they want to design a video game or gadget, they don’t need math. That couldn’t be further from the truth!


STEM programs can help kids with their math skills by teaching them the basics and then building on them. If your child gets involved in STEM programs, chances are they’ll see improvement in their math skills as they use them to complete projects and solve problems.

STEM Programs at MakerKids

If you want to know about what are STEM programs that can help your kids with their math skills, contact MakerKids. We offer programs in coding, robotics, and Minecraft. Children in grades 1-8 learn age-appropriate lessons in all areas.  Call us today at 1-844-MAKERKIDS to find out more or visit us online.

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