The New Year is a great time to introduce your child to a new skill set. STEM programs can provide your child with many skills that they can use their entire lives.

Some kids may have never even thought about trying a STEM program because they never knew what they were all about. What are the STEM programs available to your child and how can they help? Let’s take a closer look.



Does your child like to build things? Are they curious about how things work? If so, then they may love learning how they can make inventions they only thought possible in their minds. In a robotics class, they realize they can make things that other people can use. They can get that behind the scenes look they never knew about before.


If your child loves video games, they’ll love how to make their own game even more. During a coding class, kids learn the skills needed to see their video game ideas come to life on the screen. Besides basic coding skills, kids also learn about character development, storyboarding, and animation. These are all skills they can use even when they’re not in their coding class.


Another popular STEM program at MakerKids is our Minecraft program. The game itself has grabbed the attention of kids everywhere. During a Minecraft STEM program, kids learn how to make Minecraft even more amazing. They get to know about how computers and servers work as well as core computer programming concepts.

All of these skills are taught in the company of other kids who are equally excited about the game. As kids learn about Minecraft, they also get to work on their social skills, collaborating with other kids.

At MakerKids, we offer all of these STEM programs and more. Our virtual classes allow kids from everywhere to pick up the skills they need to succeed. There are so many positive results that come from kids taking part in STEM programs.

In our virtual classes, kids are taught by mentors who have gone through background checks and rigorous training. All classes are done in small groups so that kids get the most out of each program.

If you’re looking for a new class for your child to try, contact MakerKids. We would love to tell you more about the benefits of our programs and the skills your child can learn. Call us today at 1-844-MAKERKIDS or visit us online.

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