Many people are familiar with STEM education. Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) have become pretty common. People know what to expect if they sign their child up for a STEM-inspired class. But, they may not be as familiar with STEAM. The extra letter stands for the arts. This includes humanities, language arts, music, and visual arts among other topics. It’s important to learn why adding this “a” is important for your children.

What is STEAM Education?

The big difference between STEM and STEAM is that STEM focuses strictly on scientific concepts. STEAM looks at these same ideas but incorporates the creative process through inquiry methods. Kids can look at a STEM concept and work together and create a visually appealing project that uses that concept.

STEAM combines science and art to create the end product. An example of STEAM in action can be seen through the work of artist and designer Leah Heiss. She works with nanotechnologists to develop jewelry to help diabetics give themselves insulin. This is a prime example of science working with the arts.

Children who take part in a STEAM education can learn from the example of designers like Heiss and see how the two areas can work together. They can use artistic talents to blend with scientific creations to make things that are useful for people in everyday life.

Why is STEAM Education Important?

STEAM education is important because it helps to strengthen the foundation of STEM. It helps students improve their critical thinking skills to analyze how the arts can be used with science. It forces them to be more creative and come up with new ways of doing things.

With STEAM, everything is not “textbook”. You need to be creative to fully get the benefits of STEAM education.  A STEAM education also helps to make kids more well-rounded. They are getting knowledge from many different areas which can help them learn about different areas. This can also help them as they get older and enter the workforce. Being able to be a creative thinker who can work collaboratively with others to develop projects that people can use is invaluable.

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