We hear it everywhere, right? Your kids should be joining extracurriculars like sports, clubs, camps, and everything else you can sign them up for.

But, why is that? What makes extracurriculars so great for kids? Let’s take a look:

Extracurriculars improve school performance

Students involved in extracurricular activities have been shown to do better in school, skip fewer classes, earn higher degrees of education, and be offered more jobs than those who aren’t.

In fact, take a look at this fascinating infographic about extracurricular activities effects on student performance below.

Extracurriculars help kids make friends

Often times our childhood friends are our friends for life. As we grow, it becomes harder to form those strong connections due to constraint on our time and being set in our way of life.

Extracurriculars help kids form strong bonds that may truly last a lifetime. Without extracurriculars, your child may have a harder time making friends because of the rigid structure and lack of communication between kids in the classroom. They’re set up to teach – not to help kids make friends.

Extracurriculars help kids grow and broaden their perspective

Being exposed to other kids and other ways of thinking helps us learn about the world. If your child stays at home, away from other people, they will have a harder time undergoing personal growth and gaining the life experiences necessary to become a well-rounded adult.

Additionally, being around new ways of thinking will help your kids develop a more open mind about the world and their beliefs.

Extracurriculars boost kids’ ability to work in teams

Being able to work in a team environment is becoming increasingly important as businesses prioritize this kind of experience when deciding who to hire. Signing you child up to be on a sports team or in a club helps them learn how to work with others, and can even enhance their leadership qualities.

So, now you understand why extracurriculars are so important. However, not all extracurricular activities were created equal. That’s why we created MakerKids – it’s a place where kids can learn STEM skills and everything they need to be successful in today’s competitive world. Take a look at some of our after school programs now.
The Value of Extracurricular Activities Infographic
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