If you look around the workplaces of several STEM-related fields, you’ll find they all have something in common…a lack of female workers. Statistics show that women make up only about 28% of all science and technology jobs. When you break it down, the numbers reveal 15% of those in the engineering field are women while 26% hold jobs in computer and math sciences.

There are plenty of jobs in STEM-related fields, with jobs expected to grow faster than 11% of jobs in other fields. That’s why it’s more important than ever to get young girls interested in STEM. Doing so can help pave the way for their future.

Here are some ways to get young girls interested in STEM.

Introduce them to women in the field. Meeting women in the STEM field and seeing STEM in action can help to get girls more interested in the various STEM topics. Women who are successful can share their experience with young girls to get them motivated. It’s worth looking into shadow programs where girls can see women working in the STEM field.

Show them STEM in everyday life. When young girls and everyone else can see STEM in action, it becomes more real and more interesting. The next time you’re at an amusement park, explain how engineering and science went into making the rides. The next time they’re using their tablets or playing a videogame, tell them how coding and math skills went into creating what they’re using. Knowing that STEM is present in parts of our everyday life can help to get young girls more interested.

Let them try new programs. Meeting other kids who are interested in STEM and trying new things in the STEM field are great ways to get their wheels turning. As young girls learn what STEM is and what they can do with it, they’ll begin to want to know more. As long as you continue to quench their thirst for STEM knowledge, the sky’s the limit! Knowing that they can make friends with similar interests during these programs is a bonus!

At MakerKids, there are several different types of programs available. From coding to robotics, and even Minecraft, young girls can explore all that STEM has to offer. There are also MakerKids camp programs available. During any of the programs at MakerKids, children will work with their peers to learn and explore. They’ll make long-lasting friendships as they share their love for STEM topics. To find out more about MakerKids, call 1-844-MAKERKIDS or visit the website.

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