Right now, many of us, our kids included are spending more time at home. While this has sidelined many activities, it doesn’t have to put a stop to everything. Kids can still learn and pick up new skills. In fact, this may be the best time to introduce them to new ideas. Many of those new ideas can be found within STEM topics like robotics and coding. Let’s take a look at why kids learning how to code is a great idea for right now and always!

Benefits of Kids Learning How to Code Online

For some kids, making it to afterschool classes can be difficult due to location and schedule.  But, when classes are offered online, it can make it easier to attend. The convenience factor, especially these days, is a major reason why online coding classes are appealing. You can take the class in the privacy of your own home and watch it over again.

With MakerKids, you can choose to take a group class or a private session. Private sessions can be beneficial for one-on-one time with a mentor. Kids can dive deep into the world of coding, ask questions, and explore. Group sessions are also great because they help kids interact with others.

Kids Burn Off Energy

Kids have a lot of pent-up energy as they’re spending more time inside. By taking online coding classes, they can use that energy and explore their creative sides.  As they learn how to create through online coding classes, they are also gaining important knowledge that they can keep with them as they get older.

Kids Can Interact with Others

Many kids are missing seeing their friends and teachers. Learning how to code online can give them that interaction that they’re craving. They can see and hear mentors as well as other students. This can help to boost their spirits as they get to learn more about the world of coding.

Kids Can Become Experts at a Young Age

It’s never too young to start learning how to code. In fact, the younger, the better. As kids explore the world of coding online, they can begin their exploration early. They can become little sponges and learn all that there is about coding. They can then take these skills and build on them as they get older.

Kids Learning to Code Online at MakerKids

Kids can take advantage of online coding classes at MakerKids. Classes are virtual at this time so that kids can still learn and take part when they’re home. There are not only classes in coding, but also robotics, and Minecraft. Our mentors are showing kids what they need to know to be the next generation of makers and inventors. For more information on our online classes, check us out online at MakerKids.com. Let us show your kids a whole new world while they’re spending time at home.

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