School is out for the summer! But, that doesn’t mean that the learning stops. This summer is the best time to get kids to continue their skills or learn new ones. Since many camps have been sidelined due to the pandemic, keeping kids busy with online classes can help them learn something and have fun at the same time this summer.

Online robotic classes are one way to keep kids’ minds active this summer. If you’re new to virtual classes, robotics, or both, here are several reasons why online robotics classes are a good idea this summer.

Online Robotics Classes Can Help to Prevent the Summer Slide

During the summer sun and fun takeover and some kids tend to forget what they’ve learned during the school year. Studies show that over the summer about 20 percent of students in grades 3-5 olose gains they’ve made in reading and 27 percent of what they’ve learned in math.

Keeping kids’ minds engaged with online robotic classes may help to prevent the summer slide. When kids are active and engaged, they are using their minds which will help to keep their noggins going!

Online Robotic Classes Can Help Kids Solve Problems

Some people think that robotic classes only teach kids how to make cool projects. While this is true, they also help kids to learn how to solve problems. As kids learn that some of their ideas may not fly during the first try, they learn how to work around their problems and get things off the ground. These problem-solving skills are ones that can use at any time during the year.

Online Robotics Classes Teach Kids to Work Together

Since some of the camaraderie of camp may be missing this summer, online robotics classes can try to fill that void. During their virtual classes, kids can meet others who have shared interests. They can not only bounce ideas off of one another but can also form friendships. Online robotics classes offer kids the opportunity of meeting kids from all over, including places they’ve never been to before. This is something that comes as an added benefit of online robotics classes.

Take an Online Robotics Class at MakerKids

At MakerKids we have begun to offer virtual robotics classes for kids in grades 3-8. Kids should not have to miss out on the fun of robotics just because in-person classes can’t be offered at this time. At MakerKids, they can still learn how to make creations that they once thought only existed in their dreams. Our mentors teach them how they can become a reality.

For more information on our online robotics classes and other offerings, visit us online or call us at 1-844-MAKERKIDS.

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