During these past few months, we’ve all learned how to do things differently. This has opened up worlds we never thought imaginable. While we were used to doing everything in person, we are all learning that many things can also be done virtually when needed. Robotics classes fall into this category. Robotics classes online are being offered at MakerKids while our buildings are closed because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Let’s take a look at what robotics classes online at MakerKids have to offer and how your kids can benefit.

Robotics Classes Online at MakerKids

When you sign your child up for robotics classes online at MakerKids, you can expect to see live instructors, no videos here! The video conferencing and screen sharing capabilities allow teachers to work with students and answer questions in real-time.

Since there is video capability, mentors can see children’s projects and answer questions when needed, not hours later. Because each class is limited to five students per class, there is plenty of individual attention. This is another benefit of taking robotics classes online at MakerKids.

Kids get the same benefits as they would during in-person classes. They can use their imagination to make their inventions and ideas come to life. With access to a live mentor, they can get the help they need when something doesn’t work, while still learning to work independently.

Since the programs are online, you can choose whether daily or weekly classes best suit your child. Some children like the structure of daily programs, while others enjoy meeting once a week. Whichever you choose, your child will get a first-class experience as they explore the world of robotics.

Benefits of Robotics Classes Online

Besides learning robotics skills, kids also walk away with other skills they can use in the real world. These include learning how to be creative and think out of the box. Many robotics projects are the result of kids thinking outside the box and creating new inventions. Once kids learn that it’s okay and beneficial to think differently, they’ll be more prone to share all of their ideas. This is certainly something they can benefit from in the outside world.

Robotics classes online also introduce kids to peers they may never have had the chance to meet before. Since the classes are online, kids don’t need to live nearby to participate. This gives allows them to meet kids from all walks of life.

Try a Robotics Class Online at MakerKids

If robotics classes online at MakerKids sound like something your child would enjoy, contact us to learn more. We would love to introduce the world of robotics to them online. Check us out online to learn more about our programs and how your child can benefit.

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