As kids grow up, they learn many so-called “hard skills”. These include the skills to actually do projects and tasks. Kids are taught these skills to be able to succeed in school, activities, and then later on in life. But, these are not the only skills that are essential to learning. Other skills, referred to as “soft skills” are also extremely beneficial. These include skills like collaboration, problem solving and resilience. Let’s take a look at each of these skills, why they’re important to learn, and how they work hand-in-hand with hard skills.

  • Collaboration

Sure, your child can perform a task, but can they work with others to reach a common goal? While working independently is important, so is collaboration. Being able to work as a team is vital to getting the job done. Kids need to learn to consider other people’s opinions. Collaboration works together with other hard skills because you need to know how to do something and then how to work with others to reach the finish line.

  • Problem-Solving

Problem-solving is a major soft skill that is important during childhood and even more important in adulthood. Kids need to be able to solve their problems and not always rely on an adult to figure things out. As kids get better at this, they will turn to adults less and look to themselves more because they will know how to solve problems.

  • Resilience

Everyone gets knocked down at one time. It’s what you do when that happens that counts. Do you get back up and try again or do you sit in the corner? As soon as kids can learn to be resilient, the better. Many kids tend to have a natural tendency to be resilient when they’re babies and toddlers, literally getting back up when they fall and get bumped. As they get older, they need to carry that resilience into situations that may knock them down. Perhaps they’re working on a project and something doesn’t go right or they take a test and don’t do as well as they’d hope. When children learn soft skills, like resilience, they know how to bounce back.

Learn Soft Skills at MakerKids!

At MakerKids, children not only learn the hard skills that go along with coding and robotics programs, but they also learn the soft skills that will help them succeed. Mentors at MakerKids teach kids how to work together, solve problems, and how to bounce back when something doesn’t quite work out. For more information on the programs offered, call 1-844-MAKERKIDS or check us out online.

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