As STEM programs grow in popularity, the Canadian government has taken several initiatives to increase involvement, especially among women. This includes new job networks as well as encouraging science education. This is being done by promoting trips to museums and other attractions that can trigger an interest in STEM education.

While this is important, so is involvement in STEM programs for girls. Statistics show that women made up only 22% of computer and information systems jobs while only one in seven are engineers in Canada. Getting girls interested early on can spark an interest that can lead to a successful career in the STEM field. Let’s take a look at several other reasons why STEM programs for girls are vital.

1. Opens Up a Wide Field of Opportunities

One of the best things about the STEM field is that it includes so many opportunities. Girls can choose to become engineers, scientists, mathematicians, etc., the list goes on. As they get exposed to STEM programs, they can see what area interests them most and pursue that one. The opportunities are endless.

2. Teaches Problem-Solving Skills

While there are many skills taught in schools, straight-forward problem-solving is not one of them. But, through STEM programs, girls learn how to solve problems. They learn how to make things work when at first they don’t succeed. This is a skill that they can carry with them through the rest of their lives.

3. STEM Programs Can Empower Young Girls

STEM programs can be challenging so when a girl is successful, she becomes empowered. When this happens, boundless opportunities can blossom. The self-esteem that girls can gain from STEM programs can help them to be successful in all areas of their lives. It also empowers them and shows them that they are equal to their male counterparts. This is priceless.

4. STEM Programs for Girls Teaches Girls that STEM is in Their Everyday Lives

Many times kids have a hard time associating things they learn in school with the outside world. That’s not the case when it comes to STEM. STEM is in our everyday lives. Girls see STEM in action every time they ride across the bridge or use a cell phone or tablet. They see STEM in action when they play a video game or ride in an elevator. These are just a few examples of how STEM is a part of our everyday lives. When girls take part in STEM programs they can learn how it is around them every day.

5. Breaks Down Stereotypes

One of the reasons why women are progressing in STEM fields is because other women went before them and laid the groundwork. For progress to continue, women today need to continue for the next generation. STEM programs for girls can increase the likelihood that this will happen.

At MakerKids we offer STEM programs for girls and boys in the areas of coding, robotics, and Minecraft. Each discipline gives kids the hard skills they need to succeed as well as the soft skills to soar in all parts of their lives. For more information on our programs, call us at 1-844-MAKERKIDS or visit us online.

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