The holidays are here which means the kids are home from school for winter break. While they may have plenty of toys to play with, we all know you’ll begin to hear those dreaded words, “I’m bored”, more quickly than you’d like.

That’s why MakerKids is here to help.

Winter Camp Program

We offer many fun activities through our Winter Camp program. We can guarantee your child will not be bored! Your child will have access to activities that are not only exciting and fun but ones that will get the wheels in their brains turning.

Whether your child already has an interest in STEM activities or wants to get involved and learn more, a Winter Camp experience at MakerKids can open their minds to many possibilities.

Our Winter Camp program includes lessons in coding discovery, coding creation, as well as Minecraft Discovery. One of the best parts of the camp is that at the end of the day, the children get to show off what they created. This not only helps to boost self-esteem but also allows children to learn from one another and work in a team environment. These are skills that will help them far beyond when the camp is over.

Why MakerKids Winter Camp?

MakerKids is a trusted name when it comes to educating young minds about coding and other STEM-related activities. We’ve developed curriculum for Intel and trained staff from the Toronto Public Library and various school boards. Programs are designed and created by industry professionals and makers. Our programs are custom made with the goal of educating your child and exposing them to new ideas.

Besides learning coding and other skills, parents and schools have reported improvements in behavior and learning development as a result of MakerKids courses. Let your child find themselves at MakerKids!

If you’re looking to give your child a fun and unique experience over their winter vacation, enroll them in MakerKids’ Winter Camp. They will not only receive all of the materials for all the activities they will be doing, but they will also have access to one-on-one coaching, experienced instructors and will be able to take their digital projects home.

For more information call us at 877-269-3498 or register online. After a Winter Camp experience at MakerKids, your child will definitely have something to brag about when they’re asked what they did over their winter vacation!

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