Designed and created by industry professionals and makers (NASA’s Singularity University graduate, engineers, entrepreneurs, teachers and speakers from Queen’s University).
MakerKids was named “Best Kids’ Workshops” by Toronto Life Magazine. Thousands of kids have taken our STEM programs in Coding, Robotics and Minecraft. Our Camps, After-School & Weekend Programs and Birthday Parties empower children to be creators, not just consumers. Space in our programs is limited, so register ASAP to avoid disappointment.

Weekly Programs
After School and Weekends

Interested in After School Kids’ STEM Programs? We lead programs in coding and other STEM topics like Robotics and Minecraft. We run weekly programs that are 2 hours a week once a week (e.g. every Monday), after school and on weekends. Your child will learn technical skills and soft skills, like communication collaboration and conflict resolution.
Space in our STEM programs is limited, so register ASAP to avoid disappointment.
Winter term starts December 11

Program Details

Kids after school programs

Program Info

Grades 3-5
2 hours/week
Multiple start dates
All experience levels welcome

Hardware + Software

May include:

Kids after school programs

What will kids learn?

At the end of the program, kids will learn technical and soft skills, including design, engineering, coding, problem solving and leadership.

Kids after school programs

What do kids make?

Kids will bring their invention to life. Projects include light shows, Minecraft contraptions, video games and night lights. Learn something awesome and make new friends!

MakerKids Experience and Skillset

Empower the leaders of tomorrow with the skills and mindsets to change the world.

Project-Based Learning

Learn how to talk tech! Technology is all around us and, in our programs, kids learn how to create, design and invent. Through a hands-on experience, kids will master in Robotics, Coding or Minecraft.

Kids will bring their ideas to life with the help of the MakerKids team and knowledgebase.

21st Century Skills

Students work in teams to solve problems as well as create their own designs and inventions. Combining on- and off-screen work, our programs will advance skills in communication, leadership, design and critical thinking.

Kids After School Programs
STEM programs for Kids After School

My boys flourish here and look forward to it every week. They show social skills improvement and more confidence since coming to MakerKids and finding their “tribe.” Happy children make me a happy and grateful mom. Thanks MakerKids for creating programs for my quirky, “outside the box thinking” boys.

Tammy, Parent

I love that the kids take the lead on their projects and learn how to achieve their goals Absolutely the kind of things my kids are interested in exploring in a guided setting!


This MakerKids Graduate learned key sound, robotics and design concepts and now runs his own business fixing stereo equipment in his neighbourhood!

STEM Programs for Kids Toronto

Sample Class

Welcome to MakerKids and ice breakers
4:10-4:50 Robotics Discovery
Instructors will guide students through key robotics functions while kids try it themselves and collaborate
4:50-5:00 Break
Kids can have their snacks, play games and explore our Inspiration Station
5:00-5:40 Let’s get Making!
Kids will experiment and create their own project and invention from the lesson
5:40-5:45 Clean up
5:45-5:55 Show and tell
See the work the kids have created!

Tuition Includes

  • All materials for activities
  • Laptops to use
  • Experienced instructors
  • One-on-one coaching
  • Badge of completion

Classes are 2 hours and run once a week ($16.25/hour!). 

All our programs take place at our Toronto MakerSpace at 2451 Bloor St. West, in Bloor West Village (across from Jane subway station). Grades 3-5.

All MakerKids STEM Programs
Winter term starts December 11 and January 20

Robotics Programs for Kids Toronto

Fall Term:
Make it Light Up

Winter Term:
Make Sound

Spring Term:
Make it Move

Minecraft Programs for Kids Toronto

Fall Term:

Commands and Circuits

Winter term:
Run a Minecraft Server

Spring Term:
Item and Block Design

Coding Programs for Kids Toronto

Fall Term:
Code a Video Game

Winter Term:
Code an App

Spring Term:
Code Real World Objects


Create a robotic invention from scratch! Has your child ever wanted something that didn’t exist yet? This is their chance to design their own solution to a problem. Using Arduinos, (industry-standard microcontrollers for prototyping) kids will code, wire and build a robotic invention. Through experimenting, team-work, and with a basic introduction to electricity, kids will take responsibility for their projects from start to finish becoming independent thinkers and engineers.

Our Maker Mentors have a background in design, coding and engineering. MakerKids will provide secure logins, laptops and robotics materials to use.

What kids can make: Make nightlights, motion-activated alarms, rovers, and more! Kids code using drag-and-drop blocks of code – perfect for beginners and advanced students.

Fall (Sept. 18-Dec. 3) – Robotics: Make it Light Up
Students in this class will have a hands-on experience creating their own dynamic robots with light. Kids use LEDs, light sensors and more to create magnificent glowing inventions.

Winter (Dec. 11-April 8) – Robotics: Make it Sound
Does your child like music? Students will play with bells, buzzers, speakers and mics to make all sorts of noises. They can create something as simple as a doorbell or morse code over a telephone wire to sounds of a full orchestra.

Spring (April 3 – June 23) – Spring (April 3 – June 23) 
Let’s get moving! Kids create moving, rolling, dancing rovers and inventions. Kids will exercise their ideas and work with other kids


Coding is the language of the future. The demand for programmers is increasing, but did you know more and more careers demand STEM skills, logic and planning? In addition to teaching kids how to code, our coding programs enhances kids’ comprehension of reading, writing, math, design, problem-solving and resilience. They become independent thinkers and kidpreneurs by developing their own game, website or app. Kids will also work together to brainstorm and beta-test each other’s projects. Give your kids a leg up in their careers and join a MakerKids program.

Our Maker Mentors have a background in design, coding and engineering. MakerKids will provide secure logins, laptops and design programs to use.

What kids can make: Websites, apps and games! Kids code using drag-and-drop blocks of code – perfect for beginners and advanced students.

Fall (Sept. 18-Dec. 3) – Coding: Code a Video Game
Video games can open up a whole new world of imagination and creativity. Creating your own video game pushes kids to explore different possibilities and scenarios. Using Scratch, kids will learn how to code and develop their own video game. Scratch is a popular introductory programming language made by MIT that uses building blocks of code. At the end of this program, kids will understand how games work, important concepts shared by all games, and will have been introduced to many core programming concepts.

Winter (Dec. 11-April 8) – Coding: Code an App
Kids can make a real app using Stencyl! Stencyl is a professional game development environment that uses block-based coding and prepares students with a foundation for other programming languages like Python, Java, and C. They will leave with broad comprehension of logic and design as well as experience editing multiple game assets (e.g. images, code snippets, collision detections, a physics engine) in a single modern interface. This class will provide an opportunity to experiment, share and collaborate in an open-format classroom.

Spring (April 3 – June 23) – Coding: Code a Website
Every website is unique and the perfect platform for self-expression, storytelling and design. Kids code their own individual websites equipped with images, sounds, and even an interactive chatbot all of which they first learn to create using a variety of tools and programs. Kids will customize their sites while learning how to code, touching on HTML, JavaScript and CSS.


Minecraft can unleash your child’s imagination and bring it to life on the screen. Using blocks, like digital Lego, kids design inventions of all shapes and sizes: creations of their wildest dreams. Minecraft enables kids to think outside the box, collaborate with other like-minded kids and learn how games and computer programs work. By playing Minecraft, kids inherently gain experience with fundamental computer skills and project design.  At Makerkids we add powerful text-based commands and a collaborative social play into the mix. If you want your kids to learn how to interact positively with the internet and games, make new friends and manage projects from start to finish, come join us and untap the power of Minecraft!

Our Maker Mentors have a background in design, coding and engineering. MakerKids will provide secure logins, laptops and a server to use.

What kids can make: Servers, automatic contraptions, game mods (modifications) and more.

New and returning Makers are welcome.  Some experience playing or watching Minecraft is recommended.

Fall (Sept. 18-Dec. 3)
 – Minecraft: Commands and Circuits
In Minecraft, redstone is the equivalent of electricity. It is both an energy source and can be used to transmit information, allowing players to power their world and invent unique contraptions. We will cover the basics of electricity with real-world applications. Kids can quickly start introducing switches and wiring into their builds, and as they discover more about the properties of redstone they’ll begin developing devices like clocks, locks, hidden doors, traps, roller coasters, and more. By the end of the program, we’ll be building automation into all that we do with a better understanding of electricity, logic and design.

Winter (Dec. 11-April 8) – Make Your Own Server
Does your child love Minecraft and are they looking to take it to the next level? In this program, students will be helping to actually create the Minecraft server they’ll be playing on. Concepts like file format, folder structure, Java (a programming language), networking, and command line tools are introduced as we add features to the game each week. Server administration and organization is also covered as we design and build worlds and structures while we test what we’ve accomplished. Discover a whole new side to Minecraft.

Spring (April 3 – June 23) – Minecraft: Block and Item Design
Minecraft is a blank canvas and the world of self-expression and self-discovery is open. Hundreds of different default building blocks is hardly limiting, but in this class, students will learn to use image and sound editors to completely customize the looks and sounds (called resources) of Minecraft. Thousands of mods (video game code modifications) have also been created for Minecraft, like new creatures or behaviours. Through learning how to create and install their own mods, kids will be introduced to Java and how video games are made. Kids learn how to redefine their world, troubleshoot and design, while working with other kids and building skills like resilience and confidence.

After School Programs for Kids Toronto

Why Choose MakerKids?

Kids after school programs

21st Century Skills

In our kids' STEM programs, your child will learn a wide variety of skills, not just tech skills. Social and emotional competencies: A) confidence B) social skills and C) engagement. Technical skills: A) coding, B) design, and C) electronics.

Robotics Programs for Kids Toronto

Advanced Curriculum

We’ve developed curriculum for Intel and trained staff from the Toronto Public Library and various school boards. Programs are designed and created by industry professionals and makers.

Robotics Programs for Kids Toronto

Real Results

MakerKids graduates have started businesses, led classes, been featured on national TV and have shown academic and social improvement in and outside of school.

Kids after school programs

Mental Health Improvements

Parents and schools have reported improvements in mental health, behaviour and learning development. Students have overcome issues like aggression, stress and anxiety. Your child can find their tribe at MakerKids!

Kids after school programs


MakerKids was named “Best Kids’ Workshops” by Toronto Life Magazine. We run programs at schools throughout the GTA, such as Toronto French School, Kingsway College, and more.

Kids Programs Toronto


Does my child need experience coding or any of the programs?

Our classes are open to new and experienced kids of all backgrounds. With our small ratio of 1 instructor for every 8 kids, our instructors will be able to work with each child’s individual needs. We go over fundamentals and may hold breakout sessions for beginners and advanced students.

Do we have to bring our own laptop and supplies?

We will provide all the materials needed for the program and activities, which may include laptops, Arduinos, mics, wires and more. Kids may bring their own laptops.

What will my kid make?

Kids will create different inventions. Kids are in charge of their own projects, from start to finish, and can design their own creations. Some past robotics projections include: cat alarms, voice records and sound machines that can play a multitude of notes! There are no physical take-aways in the program, as materials are reused and re-purposed for future students. Kids will leave with a comprehensive understanding of robotics, design, electronics and coding skills.

2451 Bloor St. West (Bloor and Jane)