Kids Birthday Parties

Selected as one of 10 awesome birthday parties by Today’s Parent

What’s Included?

  • 2 Hours of Fun! (90 minutes of instruction +30 minutes for food & celebrations)
  • Private Party Room
  • 1:10 Instructor Ratio or Better
  • Six+ Epic Themes to Chose From
  • Food/Cutlery not provided
Coding Birthday Parties

Video games can open up a whole new world of imagination and creativity. Coding your own video game pushes kids to explore different possibilities and scenarios. Kids will create their own games and play other kids’ games too!

Video Game Coding Party: Arcade Games

Working in Scratch’s block based coding environment, kids follow along programming and customizing their very own arcade video game. Once their game is fully functional, more experienced makers have the chance to keep on adding an endless array of features or even design their own.

Grades 1-23-5 & 6-8

No coding experience required

Virtual or in-person

Video Game Coding: Platformers (Gr. 5+)

Stencyl is professional 2D game development software that includes a physics engine, collision detection, and a block based option for writing behaviours.  While learning what goes into making a video game, kids create their own Nintendo-like platformer that look ready for the appstore.

Grades 5+

No coding experience required


Minecraft Birthday Parties

Minecraft birthday parties with Makerkids have something for everyone. Hop into a block-based virtual world with your friends and work together to build amazing creations.

Minecraft Multiplayer Party: Zoo Keepers

Kids work together to design a zoo, build the appropriate environments, populate it with creatures, and outfit it with some redstone automation.

Grades 1-2, 3-5 or 6-8

No Minecraft experience required

Virtual or in-person

Minecraft Multiplayer Party: Amusement Park

Using World Edit plugin commands and redstone circuitry, kids design, build, and get to enjoy all the activities you would find at a theme park.

Grades 5-8

No Minecraft experience required

Virtual or in-person

Robotics Birthday Parties

In our Robotics parties, kids will design, plan, program, and build an electronic invention while using a robotic microcontroller and learning how to code. They can create their own robotic invention and make it light up.

Robotics Party: Robotic Pets

Using the Microbit microcontroller, kids learn the basics of controlling electricity while making robots into their own interactive pets. For more experienced makers the functionality they can add to what their pet can do grows increasingly complex.

Grades 1-2, 3-5 & 6-8

No robotics experience required

Virtual or in-person

Robotics Party: Virtual Light Show

The Arduino is a prototyping microcontroller popular with both hobbyists and professionals. Kids learn to use a breadboard to wire up circuitry the Arduino can connect to, and then to program their robot to interact with their lights and switches creating their very own customized light show.

Grades 5-8

No prior robotics experience required.

Virtual or in-person