The MakerKids Team

Welcome to MakerKids, where innovation meets education through the expertise of our skilled STEM educators. Our amazing team is at the heart of our mission to empower youth with hands-on learning experiences that spark creativity and curiosity. Comprising passionate professionals with diverse backgrounds in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, our educators bring a wealth of knowledge to every session. At MakerKids, we believe in the transformative power of mentorship, and our dedicated team is committed to nurturing the next generation of innovators and problem solvers. Join us on a journey of discovery, where the MakerKids team paves the way for a future fueled by imagination and technical prowess.

Aimée Savard, CEO & Owner

Meet Aimee Savard, the driving force behind MakerKids, serving as both owner and CEO.

Aimée has 20+ years’ of experience working with children’s, education, and technology brands. As a mother of three young children, she saw a gap in the education system for technological skills, and a real need to inspire STEM learning in a fun, creative and useful way. That’s why she opened MakerKids Leaside nearly five years ago. In 2023 Aimée’s success lead her to the role of MakerKids CEO, leading the organization’s award-winning in person and virtual programs across North America.

Ariel Dookheran

General Manager

Introducing Ariel, our STEM and childhood education expert! With a background spanning the YMCA, day camps, and diverse learning spaces, Ariel holds degrees in Early Childhood Education and Education with the highest distinction. Passionate about teaching children with unique abilities, she brings optimism and a love for learning to our team.

Brandon Oreto

Assistant General Manager

Meet Brandon, a STEM enthusiast and creative maestro, with a lifelong passion for making. With several years of hands-on experience as a STEM educator, formal training in photography and fine arts, and a diverse technical skillset, Brandon brings a unique blend of technical and artistic flair to our dynamic team.

Featured Instructors

Aidan JM


Aidan, a passionate mechatronics engineering graduate with over a decade of educating children, seamlessly integrates technical expertise and teaching prowess to inspire future engineers and innovators.

Athena M


Athena has loved STEM ever since the coding summer camps she was enrolled in as a kid. She has been working as an educator for 2 years. Athena is currently enrolled in university, studying English and theatre.

Brendan T


Meet Brendan: A Dalhousie grad with a passion for sports analytics and journalism. With experience in summer camps, he brings teamwork and tech skills to the table.

Connor W


Connor is a Screenwriting and film student currently completing his graduate degree at TMU. He’s always loved working with and teaching kids, and hopes to one day specialize in writing for children’s media.

Donato L


Meet Donato: a creative innovator with a interest in crafting purposeful designs. With a background in STEM and game design, Donato brings innovation and artistry to our team.

Eliana K


Meet Eliana, a coding wizard with a passion for education and neurodiversity. With years of coding experience and a knack for working with kids, she brings creativity and empathy to our team.

Kayli C


Kayli is a computing enthusiast with 4 years of STEM education experience, specializing in arts and computing. She has a passion for creative STEM education and wants to spread that passion to everyone.

Lina M


Lina, an inspiring Data Science and Analytics student and research assistant, brings her passion for AI and education to our STEM after-school program, fostering innovation among students.