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Our idea incubator classes for kids are best suited for grades 3-5 & 6-8

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About the Idea Incubator Program

In our Idea Incubator program, kids learn how to develop projects in coding, robotics, and Minecraft. The fun part about this program is that the classes rotate between these three topics. Instructors use a multidisciplinary approach to draw connections between topics and everyday life. This program is designed for kids in grades 3-8. Children in grades 3-5 are grouped together and children in grades 6-8 are grouped together.

During the coding program, kids will learn how computers work. They’ll get to code games, websites, and more! They also get to be creative by coming up with ideas of how their project will look and work. During it all resilience and perseverance are instilled.

During robotics, kids design, plan, program, and build electronic inventions while using a virtual robotics controller. These are the same that industry professionals use. Kids bring ideas to life while learning how things work around them.

In Minecraft classes, we leverage kids’ interest in Minecraft as a way to introduce them to other STEM topics like robotics and coding. This is also a great way to teach communication skills.

All of the children who participate can give and receive feedback about projects as they work to improve their projects and help their peers.

Key activities in our Idea Incubator program for kids:




Team Work


Idea Incubator

Grades 3-5 & 6-8

The Idea Incubator program at MakerKids allows kids to learn about and develop projects in Coding, Robotics, and Minecraft! Classes rotate between these three topics, using a multidisciplinary approach to draw connections between topics in class and the world around us.

Skills Learned:

Social Skills
Why choose MakerKids?

At MakerKids, our curriculum is second to none. It is built by engineers, entrepreneurs, and graduates of the Singularity University program at NASA. We have been named “Best Kids Workshops” and have a curriculum that will redefine your child’s relationship with technology.

Our instructors are among the best. We use a 7-step vetting process. This includes background checks, multiple reference checks, and extensive technology training.

21st Century Skills

Our classes teach kids about teamwork and help to build the confidence they will need to become our future technology leaders.

Technical Skills

Your kids will learn from NASA-educated entrepreneurs, teachers, and engineers. They will teach them valuable skills they will build on their entire lives.

Social Skills

Kids learn to make friends and interact with their peers. They also learn how to give and receive feedback.

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Idea Incubator Classes

Idea Incubator Programs

Idea Incubator

The Idea Incubator program at MakerKids allows kids to learn about and develop projects in Coding, Robotics, and Minecraft! Classes rotate between these three topics, using a multidisciplinary approach to draw connections between topics in class and the world around us.

Grades 3-5 & 6-8

Beginner: No coding, robotics or Minecraft experience required

Experienced: Some coding, robotics, and Minecraft Java Edition experience required.

Private Classes, Camps & Parties

At MakerKids we offer a variety of coding classes and programs for kids, including:

  • Private one-on-one classes
  • 4 and 5 day virtual camps
  • PA days
  • Virtual Birthday Parties
  • and more

If you’d like to learn more about these additional programs, reach out to our team.

Idea Incubator Program for Kids FAQ
Some people say kids can learn to code as young as age 5. Others say age 7 is more appropriate. It really depends on the child. If your child has the attention span at a younger age, you can give it a try. If it just doesn’t work out, you can always wait a year or two.
As a rule of thumb, our certified MakerKids instructors recommend booking your first free trial class to let your child experience the class and discover some of the basics before enrolling full time. When you request to book a free trial for your child, we set up a quick time at your convenience for our team to chat with you and answer all of your questions and concerns.
Yes! We offer weekly private classes where your child can learn one on one with our qualified instructor.
Our Idea Incubator classes are designed to help kids learn about coding, robotics, and Minecraft. The classes rotate between these topics so that kids get a taste of everything around them.
Yes! Idea Incubator is a great idea for kids. It teaches them coding, robotics, and Minecraft. This way, they get to learn about all three and can decide which one is their favorite. These types of classes also teach soft skills like working as a team.
Programs are divided into grades 3-5, and 6-8.
Our virtual classroom holds a maximum of 5 students.
We offer virtual daily classes as well as weekly classes.
For our idea incubator classes for kids price list see the table Idea Incubator Classes Pricing

Yes. To ensure all kids feel confident and learn at a pace based on their experience level, we offer three levels: mini makers, beginner, and experienced.

  • Beginner – Designed for grades 3 and up, these classes are for kids with low or no previous experience in various STEM topics. The activities done in beginner sessions are group-based and will change from class to class.
  • Experienced– Designed for grades 3 and up, these classes are for kids with prior experience in some STEM areas. Kids in experienced classes will be working on a mix of group and independent projects that may take multiple classes to complete.

Why Parents and Children
Love MakerKids

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Expert Facilitators

With a passion for youth and technology, our Maker Mentors recognize the uniqueness of your child and fosters their creative side and joy for STEM. Maker Mentors are trained to have students focus on the why and discover the logic behind the code instead of following a prescriptive set of instructions.

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Engaging Curriculum

Programs are built for all interests and experience levels. See the excitement in your child as they watch their work come to life. All classes include mini-lessons on internet safety and computer literacy so your child is better prepared to navigate the digital world.

Social Connections

With a 5 to 1 child to staff ratio and a focus on collaborative problem solving our classes are designed for your child to actively participate. Parents are amazed at how fast their child opens up socially, as they connect and build friendships with like-minded children.