Professional Development For Teachers

Coding Workshops for Teachers From Award Winning Industry Experts

Ontario Curriculum now includes coding for elementary students

Leaving many teachers feeling overwhelmed. However, it doesn’t have to be this way!
Leverage MakerKids’ 10+ years of experience in STEM education to infuse excitement into classroom
coding, making it an enjoyable experience for both teachers and students.

Learn From Professional STEM Educators

MakerKids is an award winning STEM educator, specializing in coding, robotics, and Minecraft for more than 10 years. We founded the first ever North American Maker Space for kids.

We’ve developed engaging curriculum to ensure kids are building their real-world tech skills in a fun, memorable way.

We’re now offering Teacher Workshops to support Curriculum needs for schools. Teachers will gain insights into teaching tools, methodology, programs, and skills appropriate to the student’s grade level.

Why is it important for kids to learn to code?

Coding skills are needed to improve problem-solving and develop fluency with technology in order to gain the skills required for the jobs of the future. Additionally, coding offers transferrable skills.

Critical Thinking

Learning coding cultivates critical thinking skills by requiring problem-solving, logical reasoning, and algorithmic thinking. Coders must break down complex issues into manageable parts, anticipate potential errors, and iteratively refine their solutions.


Learning coding fuels innovation by empowering individuals to bring their creative ideas to life through technology. Coders can design new applications, automate tasks, and develop cutting-edge solutions to address complex problems.

Problem Solving

Learning coding hones problem-solving skills as it necessitates identifying issues, devising systematic solutions, and debugging errors. Coders must strategize, adapt to changing scenarios, and explore various approaches to tackle challenges.

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