MakerKids: The Ultimate Creative and Social Experience for Kids Interested in Technology

Do you have a child in the Burlington, Ontario area that is interested in coding and robotics? MakerKids offers weekly immersive programs for kids aged 6-12 years old. Our programs include Scratch, Minecraft Modding, Minecraft Coding, and Robotics. Sign up today!

Educational coding is the fastest growing sector in education, with schools across the nation incorporating coding into their programs as it becomes an increasingly important skill set. MakerKids Burlington has created a program that provides children of this age group the knowledge and skills to succeed.

MakerKids Burlington is an award-winning, national coding and technology camp for kids. MakerKids offers a wide variety of programs including virtual camps , coding workshops, and birthday parties for Minecraft lovers.

MakerKids is the perfect program to help children build a solid foundation, socially as well as academically.

Learning to code, build with robotics or play Minecraft at an early age has been shown to have a number of benefits. The MakerKids virtual programs are designed for kids ages 6-13 and offers three different programs that teach these skills in creative ways. Sign up now and start learning!

MakerKids is a coding and technology camp for kids aged six to 13. The camps are designed with the knowledge that this age group needs an engaging experience in order to succeed at coding, building with Robotics or playing Minecraft.

The program provides children of this age-group knowledge and skills which will help them grow into confident professionals.

The benefits of learning to code, build with robotics and play Minecraft at an early age are plentiful. MakerKids Burlington offers a variety of programs for children ages 6-12 which allow them to learn these skills in a nurturing environment that promotes creativity and collaboration. Whether your child is just starting out or you want him/her to take their coding skills up another level, there’s something for everyone! We also offer summer camps so kids can have the opportunity to explore these topics during school breaks while still surrounded by other likeminded peers who share their passion for STEM education. With our affordable rates it makes this experience accessible throughout Burlington without breaking the bank! If you’re interested in getting started email us today [email protected]

Have you considered how to teach your children the skills they need for a future in STEM? MakerKids is an excellent way to do just that. They offer courses and camps for students on coding, robotics, Minecraft and more! The benefits of learning these skills early are amazing – so sign up today!