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What do MakerKids students do and what are they doing now? Many of our students go on to accomplish amazing and new things. They have been featured on national television, have been published and have taken on leadership roles in school and out of school. Check out some our MakerKids success stories.

(Did you know Adam Sandler’s child went to MakerKids while he was filming in Toronto?! 😆)

After School Kids Programs

Started a business

Alex, 10 years old

After taking a MakerKids Robotics class, Alex started his own business making and selling audio speakers to his neighbours


Found their tribe

9 year old twins
A mother reported that her quirky, “outside the box thinking” boys showed social skills improvement and more confidence since coming to MakerKids Minecraft programs and finding their “tribe.”


After School Kids Programs

Won NASA Prize

Artash, 9 years old
Won the NASA nomination People’s Choice Award in the NASA Space Apps challenge. Built a mini rover in 48hrs that can move on its own, detect obstacles, measure weather data and transmit it wirelessly to base station.



Became an Inventor

10 years old
After taking a MakerKids Robotics program at one of our school partners, a student and his Dad are building an Arduino controller to remotely turn on the cottage water heater in advance of their arrival.



Attended first camp

11 years old
This child, who has high-functioning autism, had never attended a camp or extra-curricular program. He felt connected and confident at MakerKids, and went on to attend other summer camps.
MakerKids Coding Student

Published in Owl

Serena, 12 years old
Serena used wearable technology to create a hat that lights up, and published a tutorial about it in OWL magazine.

Improved marks

8 years old
A mother reported that she’s seen a big improvement in her son’s marks (especially writing) since he started attending MakerKids programs.
After School Kids Programs

Teaches coding

Max, 11 years old
Max taught a coding class to over 60 kids, was a finalist for Best Game at his school’s fair, and was even visited by the TDSB Vice President


After School Kids Programs

Featured on TV

Leif, 9 years old
Using skills learned in MakerKids Robotics programs, Leif created a whack-a-mole machine that was featured on Global TV.
After School Kids Programs

Presented at TIFF

Siena, 11 years old
Siena presented her projects from MakerKids at TIFF Digiplayspace.

Increased Vocabulary

7 years old
A mother reported that her son had apraxia (difficulty speaking and a limited vocabulary) but through coming to MakerKids Minecraft programs for a year, he improved his speech and developed an above-average range of vocabulary for his age.
After School Kids Programs

Runs Minecraft club

Noel, 10 years old
After attending a MakerKids March Break camp, Noel began leading the Minecraft club at his school. He builds Minecraft maps and helps other kids learn new skills in Minecraft.

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