Kids have started businesses, had positive mental health outcomes, and more.

We’re helping kids become innovators, inventors, and entrepreneurs.

Leif, Age 10
Leif built an underwater robot that was featured on national TV!
Sienna, Age 12
After taking our Robotics class, Sienna built a robot - "Bob the Blob" - and presented it at the TIFF Digiplayspace exhibition.
Alex, Age 10
Alex started his own business repairing neighbours' audio equipment. He also makes and sells audio speakers to his neighbours.
Artash, Age 10
Artash won the NASA nomination People’s Choice Award after building an autonomous rover that can transmit data wirelessly.
Serena, Age 12
Serena used wearable technology to create a hat that lights up.
Goran, Age 10
Goran built a robotic airplane and designed an entire airport on Minecraft; he is building an airport terminal at home.
Noel, Age 10
Noel worked with a partner to make a laser for his school’s science fair. He helps run the Minecraft Club at his school.
Max, Age 11
Max teaches a Scratch coding class to over 60 kids. He was a top four finalist for Best Game at his school’s street fair. He was even visited by the school district Vice President!