Coding, Robotics and Minecraft! For kids in Ottawa, it doesn’t get any better than this. MakerKids coding camps are designed to introduce kids to coding languages through an exciting combination of coding games and robotics. The coding programs for kids are just as cool with a variety of courses that teach coding skills while teaching the basics of math concepts such as sequencing, counting loops and number patterns. Kids can also explore their creativity with Minecraft Camps where they learn how to use programming language like Java Script or Python to create virtual worlds on their own!

MakerKids Ottawa is an innovative after school program for children ages 6-13 that encourages creativity and collaboration. Your child will learn how to use their hands to create something new, from robotics to Minecraft or programming with Scratch. Our goal is not only to teach your kids about technology but also the value of perseverance in problem solving and creativity. Sign up now!

MakerKids Ottawa is a fun and engaging place for kids to learn coding, robotics and Minecraft. Each day of our programs focuses on different topics. Kids will have the opportunity to work in teams while they create virtual worlds using their coding skills. They can also experience learning design.

The program starts with an introduction to coding, robotics and/or Minecraft. MakerKids Ottawa participants are then divided into teams who will work on different projects or challenges. Kids can choose from a variety of programming languages including Scratch, Python, JavaScript and HTML/CSS. They’ll also have the opportunity to explore coding using Minecraft education mod-packs, and robotics using TinkerCAD and Microbit.

MakerKids Ottawa is designed to introduce coding, robotics and Minecraft to kids in a fun environment. The program also provides an opportunity for kids to learn while working with their peers. Kids will be able start coding at age six!

Coding can help improve problem-solving skills and give them the ability to control technology which has been

Kids coding, robotics and Minecraft programs, camps and parties in Ottawa. MakerKids offers coding workshops for kids ages 6 to 13 years old. For example, programming with Scratch is a fun way to learn about coding Javascript through games, animation, art and music! A great introduction to tech.

If your kids enjoy building, creating and using their imagination to make something new, they’ll love MakerKids Ottawa. It has been designed for children ages 6-13 in a safe environment with other like minded friends who want to have fun while getting creative. Make it happen today by signing up for our next program! We offer many different programs throughout the year so there is one that will work best for your child’s interests and schedule. You can sign up online or contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions about what we do or how much each program costs before deciding which one is right for you!